We Went to the EVO Sneak Peek on Saturday…

UPDATE: The Social AND EVO will be opening NEXT...

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BREAKING NEWS: BOTH EVO and The Social to open on Friday?!?!?!

SOOOOO much buzz going on this week regarding the opening of the long delayed/eagerly anticipated new entertainment complex, The Social/EVO Tapas Bar opening at 1715 East Olive Way on Capitol Hill. We reported yesterday about my clandestine infiltration of EVO’s secret “Friends & Family” event held last Saturday night…word has gotten back to me that EVO owner Todd Nordahl was rather displeased to discover that I had attended the event and/or wrote about it.

I’m sorry that my escort apparently got in Dutch for bringing me, but I’m also a wee bit perplexed why Mr. Nordahl has apparently got his panties in a bunch about my presence…free publicity is free publicity. And, I’m hoping he’s not playing the “No Press” card because there was a photographer present from Capitol Hill Seattle taking Some Lovely Photos, though no sign of anyone from any other press outlet…not even SGN who got a personal tour from Mr. Nordahl last week and a lovely write up in last Friday’s paper. And, if Mr. Nordahl is upset because I dissed his lack of acoustical design in his new restaurant, then he needs to get a grip…that was the only mildly negative thing I said in yesterday’s piece. (ADDED: Oh, yeah…I sorta dissed the name, “EVO” but let’s face it…it’s not a great name…)

I also reported yesterday that it seemed unlikely that The Social part of the building would open this week but they went and proved me wrong late yesterday by issuing two Facebook invites for events happening this weekend. Despite the fact I have been told that the space was still pretty “sawdusty” and it was off-limits for Saturday’s EVO party, they’re apparently planning to swing into action and get the new club operational by Friday night for a “Grand Opening” starting at 8pm.

More details to be announced in the next 48 hours
It is also the grand opening of Evo so you’ll be able to grab dinner, head over to The Social, drink and dance then head back to Evo for some food before heading home.

They’ve issued a second Facebook invite for a Cinco de Mayo party the following day, Saturday, May 5, 2012 from 8pm to 2am:

Get ready for a crazy Cinco De Mayo!
More details to be announced in the next 48 hours but in the mean time you will want to rsvp.

We’re tracking down some of The Social folks to get more details.¬†And, they’re calling it the “Grand Opening” but it’s usually wise to do a soft opening for a freshly built out club…it’ll be interesting to see how this goes. We advise you to expect BIG crowds, regardless…people are obviously very excited by the opening of a venue that’s been so long in the making.

And, it looks like EVO is doing a “Press Launch” on Thursday, and will be open for regular business starting on Friday…and, we still don’t have an invite to any EVO event. Apparently, at some point in time, I must have hacked off Todd Nordahl but I don’t remember ever posting anything nasty about his previous restaurant, the late, lamented Rosebud…Odd.

MUCH more to come, folks.

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