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May 19, 2012 Comments Off on FINALLY! The Social Opens For Business! Views: 1195 Nightlife, We Love The Nightlife

FINALLY! The Social Opens For Business!

The Social FINALLY opens! Photo: Doug McLaughlin

We couldn’t go to the long awaited opening of the East Olive Way nightclub, The Social, Friday night…we had other business to attend to, but we did have spies present to give us the 411, including some lovely photos by Doug McLaughlin. Third Fridays at The Social are called “Carnaval” and Special Guest Star Morgan McMichaels was on hand to kick things off. FUN!

The poo we heard: long lines for drinks; the a/c wasn’t functioning; the place seemed a tad unfinished…BUT, everyone seemed to take it all in stride; after all, it was the opening night and there’s bound to be a few details to be worked out. AND, we’ve heard everyone had a great time, and that’s the main thing.

But, we won’t consider The Social officially open, until the first drunk, straight girl from Bellevue pukes all over an outside wall…that’s like christening a ship!

You'll find these Queens at EVERY Opening in town... Photo: Doug McLaughlin

There be Dirty Dancin'! Photo: Doug McLaughlin


Eric and a Sister! Photo: Doug McLaughlin


Zexy Bartender...we approve! Photo: Doug McLaughlin


Educational videos were provided! Photo: Doug McLaughlin


The Hallway between Evo and The Social...soon to be known as the Drunken Walk of Shame! Photo: Doug McLaughlin


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