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DiDa Ritz Pops Into R Place

We liked DiDa Ritz but we also think she should have been voted "Most Desperately Needing of a Drag Makeover" Intervention...the make-up, hair and fashion need to be RESCUED!

For unknown reasons, DiDa Ritz from Season 4 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is popping into R Place this Sunday, June 17th for a special 10pm show with the ladies from Lashes Cabaret….and, it’s a FREE show (no cover…yes, you still need to pay for your BOOZE!)

Miss Ritz was an amusing presence on “Drag Race” this past season…she got some flack for her “ashy” legs, flat “fresh out of the plastic bag” hair and rather bland fashion sense but she had SPUNK and we love that. She’s a young queen with room to grow. And, her reunion with her parents on “Drag Race” made us tear up a bit…they love her, after all!!!!

But, why is DiDa in Seattle and turning up at the last minute? Is she just passing through, or does she know people here?

It’s a mystery.

What’s NOT a mystery is the fact that RuPaul and World of Wonder (and Logo) are currently filming Season Five of “Drag Race” which continues through the end of the month. The already announced “Drag Race All-Stars” edition is already in the can and set to air this fall; Season Five premieres in Jan/Feb of 2013 and there is already rumor and speculation about WHO will be contestants for the next series. One of the bigger names rumored is L.A. based queen, Detox Icunt…she’s mysteriously missing from the L.A. drag scene AND during Pride Month. And, every “Drag Race” fan in the country is wondering if any of their local stars made the cut and will appear next season.

Are there any Seattle queens mysteriously out of commission this month?

I wonder…

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