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October 2, 2012 Comments Off on Rumors: Where Will Madonna Go For Her “Post-Func”? Views: 1183 Arts & Entertainment, Music

Rumors: Where Will Madonna Go For Her “Post-Func”?

Rumors. On the Internets.

That, and cat videos, hold the digital world together.

Locals are buzzing on the social networks about Ms Madonna and her shows at Key Arena happening tonight and tomorrow. It consists of excited folks getting, well, EXCITED about seeing her and some of them bragging about their terrific seats and others keening they can’t go.

But, the most buzz is about where Madonna will go to party after her shows. Apparently, she likes to wind down at a hot club after she struts her stuff for two hours on stage and tends to hit up local venues so she can par-TAY with her posse. That’s not uncommon for performers…everyone likes to chillax after they get off work.

Nark/Kevin Kauer has been hinting/hoping that The Material One will pop by Q Capitol Hill. That could be an obvious attempt to get thousands of rabid fans inside the new venue on a Tuesday and/or Wednesday night. Or, maybe not. He claims it “could” happen.

I dunno. In my “exclusive” “interview” with Mrs. Madonna she basically poo-poo’d most of my suggestions, including Q and solely based on the fact that Erykah Badu had already  broken in the club…

We’ll see…

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