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This Week’s “The Walking Dead” Was Titled “Sick.” Meh...

October 15, 2012 Comments Off on The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 1 – “Seed” Views: 1490 TV Land

The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 1 – “Seed”

Image Courtesy of AMC

When last we left the surviving and intrepid survivors on AMC’s The Walking Dead most of our friends had managed to escape the violent attack by the herd of ravenous Zombie’s, attracted by Carl’s gunshot killing Zombie Shane (way to go Carl, you’ve killed more people!!!!).  Rick, Lori, Carl, Carol, Daryl, Hershel, Betsy, Maggie, Glenn and T-Dog had escaped, regrouped at the freeway and camped out near a picturesque waterfall where Rick explained that their group was no longer the Athenian Democracy that no-one ever thought it was.  Really, Rick you always made a decision and Shane did the opposite it was NEVER A DEMOCRACY.

Andrea, separated by THE DEAD, while saving Carol’s helpless ass.  Was last seen running for her life through the woods being chased by particularly aggressive (we think they are just a little peckish) Walkers.  Andrea, trips, we think she is about to be eaten but miraculously she is saved by a caped, katana wielding mystery guest that is not only good with a sword but has two walker pets, Walkers without arms or jaws.

Fast forward several months and we arrive at Episode 1, Season 3 titled, “Seed.”

We first see a dramatic scene of the group clearing a house of Walkers and learn that Carl is now a gun wielding bad ass (maybe he won’t get anyone else killed, not likely).  Both he and Rick have somehow acquired silencers for their pistols.  (Uh, where did they pick those up the local assassin’s supply store?  And why does Carl’s look like a silver funnel?).  The only food the group can find is dog food.  Carl tears into it with determination while the rest of the group looks on with resignation/disgust/hunger.  Daddy Rick is NOT HAVING IT.  With a look that says, “This ain’t Road Warrior, bitch,” Daddy Rick throws the dog food into the empty fireplace.

The group flees the house when more Walkers arrive.

You may remember that the last shot from the last episode of Season 2 showed a prison behind the survivors camped at the waterfall.  Well, apparently none of them bothered to scout in that direction because they have spent the entire winter driving from house to house and only now find the prison.  Really, I thought Daryl was supposed to be some great tracker.

Anywho, Daddy Rick immediately identifies the prison as their chance at a secure fortified location to wait until starvation, other humans or the Walkers kill them all.  I kid; no he sees it as their chance for safety, weapons, food and medicine.

Their first step is to clear the yard.  Daddy Rick goes in while the other lure Walkers to the fence and stick them or shoot them from the guard towers.  Carol is no longer helpless.  Carol is now a crack shot.  Carl also apparently is a crack shot since he is able to down Walkers with a handgun from a 20 foot tower, good shooting Carl!

The yard is cleared and all rejoice.  They cook some sort of animal, share it around the fire, Betsy sings a folksy song, Hershel talks about planting seeds and Lori looks pensive.  Rick wants to push through to the building itself and search for supplies and shelter.  Carol and Daryl are on top of an overturned bus where they have a nice moment and Carol makes and oral sex joke.  Way to go Carol!

The next day most of the group goes into the next yard and proceeds to slaughter Walkers with their bare hands.  Maggie is the first to take down an armored walker, an ex-riot guard that hard turned.  They take the first cellblock and there is much rejoicing.

Of course Daddy Rick isn’t satisfied so he leads a band out to clear more hallways.  Really, Daddy Rick.  Can’t you ever be satisfied?  Couldn’t you let the group rest for a bit?  Couldn’t you have let Hershel plant his seeds?  And why are you angry at Lori?  Oh, yeah Lori hated Rick at the end of last season and now Rick hates Lori.  Lori is also about to push out a wee baby and is afraid it is a walker baby and will tear its way out of her.  Uh, note to Lori this ain’t Alien 3 or Twilight 4 get over it.

Anyway the expedition into the rest of the prison is a disaster.  Hershel is bitten by what they thought was a dead body but was really a sneaky walker playing dead.  Note to all:  Just cut any dead bitch, moving or not in the head.

Rick is finally decisive.  To try to save Hershel he hacks off Hershel’s leg above the bite in hopes of stopping the infection.  WAY TO GO RICK!  Rick is definitely much more of a badass this season.  We also find out there are other humans in the prison when a group of prisoners go WTF at seeing Rick and his groupies.

In the last 20 or so minutes of the episode we get a quickie update on what Andrea and the mystery woman are up to.  The mystery woman is named Michonne and she is a katana wielding BADASS!  Basically she and Andrea have spent the winter moving around from house to house and Andrea now has a fever and wants to be left behind and won’t have Michonne’s death on her conscious, and blah, blah, blah.  They decide to move on.

Really, they could have done more with this scene and Andrea is clearly still channeling a bit of Shane’s douchebaggery.

Ah, speaking of Shane this show is about 50% less gay now that he and Rick don’t have the rivalry over Lori going which we all know was really about them wanting to bump naughty bits.

Let’s hope the homoeroticism ramps up this season.  I mean they are in a prison, there must be showers.  COME ON!!!

All and all a good opener to what hopefully will be the best season yet.  Stay tuned for weekly recaps, which starting next week will be posted Mondays by 10 AM.

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