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October 15, 2012 Comments Off on Like Dirty Gay Cartoons? Animan Has New Work Out! Views: 23395 Comics, Geek, Pornolicious

Like Dirty Gay Cartoons? Animan Has New Work Out!

Animan’s “Carmen”!

Remember “Animan”? He’s the genius animator behind that deliciously dirty animated short, “A Day At The Beach” that played last year’s HUMP Festival. And, dedicated porn-o-philes have also probably seen his other dirty cartoons elsewhere on the Interwebs. We discovered him last year and did a lovely interview with the expatriate cartoonist where he talked about his plan to have his own website.

Well, that dream has come to fruition and you can check out his new site over here, as well as purchase new cartoons as they become available. Animan is basically a solo act so new cartoons are few and far between, but if ¬†you BUY his work then that helps him increase production, so whip out that credit card. Here’s the specific post that tells you how to order his films.

The website is in blog format and Animan provides quite a bit of insight into the process of making the cartoons, and what influences him as an artist…lots of great information for people interested in making animated films regardless if they’re dirty ones or not…But, obviously it’s Not Entirely Safe For Work so wait until you get home before cruising around in Animan World. The sight of large donged cartoon characters having hot, nasty buttsex would probably cause your boss to have a coronary.

And, it looks like Animan has a couple movies already in the can…one takes place at a summer camp and the latest is his tribute to the opera, Carmen, complete with the music but with the added pleasure of sexy Spanish men doing sexy Spanish things with each other’s butts. HAWT! It also appears that his next project involves a superhero…even HAWTER!


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