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This Week’s “The Walking Dead” Was Titled “Sick.” Meh Would Be More To The Point!

Last night on Episode 2, title “Sick,” of this Season’s “The Walking Dead” all the action took place within the prison.  The story picked up where it left off last week with Daddy Rick taking decisive action in cutting off the Hershel’s leg at the knee after Hershel was bitten by a Walker that everyone thought was dead (I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, just bash any dead body you see in the head, why take chances).

Daddy Rick, Daryl, T-Dog, Glenn and a comatose Hershel are in a sort of Mexican stand-off with the group of surviving prisoners.  Our heroes rush from the room with Daryl holding off the prisoners with his crossbow while the others push Hershel back to the secure cellblock.  The prisoners follow.

While Carol (who know has nurse skillz thanks to Hershel’s foresight, way to go Hershel!) and the other ladies try to stop Hershel from bleeding out Daddy Rick and the others confront the prisoners who have of course followed them.  The prisoners are confused; our heroes don’t look like a rescue party.  What follows is a long disquisition from Daddy Rick and his team on the collapse of society, the fact that Walkers are everywhere, there is nowhere for the prisoners to go and blah, blah, blah.  Really, this episode was sort of a snorer and I might have dozed off at this point but after much long discussion, posturing and someone saying homes or ese or something Daddy Rick agrees to help the prisoners clear a cell block (in return for half their food, good bargaining Daddy Rick!) to make them a home of their own.  He also threatens to kill all of them if he sees them in his part of the prison.  Oh, Daddy Rick foreshadow much?

We then see Maggie and Betsy upset about Hershel’s condition.  Lori continues to spiral about Rick hating her while trying to help Carol.  In one of the more interesting parts of the show Little Rascal Carl shows up with a bag of medical supplies.  Lori is scandalized that he left without telling anyone and alone.  Carl tells her to “GET OFF HIS BACK” then runs off.  Lori looks pensive.

Meanwhile Daddy Rick and his gang are helping the other prison gang clear their cellblock.  You would think this would be interesting, but yeah not so much.  Long story short the leader of the prison gang full of actual convicts goes crazy, kills one of his own, tries to get Daddy Rick killed by throwing him in the path of a Walker but instead Daddy Rick kills him.  What a surprising twist, oh wait it wasn’t.  Rick leaves one of the other prisoners for the Walkers to eat but spares two others that aren’t evil, or something.

Back at the medical wing Hershel is not dying, Lori and Daddy Rick have a moment about their failing marriage (I still don’t understand why DR has turned on Lori and I don’t really care), and Carol practices doing a C-section on a Walker while being watched from the woods.

So this episode of “The Walking Dead” was boring!!!!  Let us hope the pace picks up and picks up quickly.  Here are some ideas on how to spice things up:

1. Daryl and Carol have awkward prison sex.

2. Daddy Rick and Lori have angry grudge sex.

3. Glenn and Maggie have weepy sex when Hershel inevitably dies.

4. Two new characters are introduced, a strikingly handsome pair of homosexual prison guards, and they have sex.

Failing sex I hope the Andrea/Michonne storyline picks up or something happens.  I cannot stand a season where the ennui of the farm is traded for the ennui for the prison.

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