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Got Your Ballot? Vote Early!

Photo: Michael McAfoose

Ballots for the 2012 election began popping up in our mailboxes last week, (if you don’t get your ballot by Monday or Tuesday, you need to start investigating!) and folks have already started voting and returning their completed ballots. We’re encouraging you to get your voting done EARLY and to not wait until the last minute to get the job done. Yes, it’s true that you have over two weeks to vote; the final day to have your ballot postmarked is Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th, but the sooner you get your ballot in, the sooner we’ll know results. Even though they don’t start tabulating the ballots until then, the more ballots they have right off the bat on Tuesday the 6th, the sooner we’ll see some definitive results…so VOTE, dammit!

If you miss the ritual of voting then you have some options this week to vote in a social setting. Washington State has switched to an all mail-in vote which is more efficient, but many people miss the community spirit of going to a polling station and voting. We know of a couple of events where you can vote AND have a good time…The Stranger and Q Night Club are partnering up for a big voting event this coming Tuesday, October 23rd from 7pm to 10pm for the “Don’t Vote Alone!” party with host Dan Savage, DJ Trouble, and a slew of local liberal political candidates including Jay Inslee, Ed Murray, Mayor Mike McGinn and many more. It’s also FREE…well, to enter the club; not to drink. That kind of fun went away with the demise of the Old Skool political machine…

There’s also a smaller scale event happening this coming Wednesday, October 24th at LaSpiga (1429 12th Avenue) hosted by Justice McCartney starting at 7:30pm for an informal eat and voting party he’s calling “Get Your Vote IN”. Eat delicious food, hang out, vote and skip gaily to the Post Office to mail off your ballot. Rumor has it, Mr. McCartney is even bringing STAMPS!

SWEET! Who the fuck has STAMPS anymore? It’s like keeping a spare set of horseshoes around the house, “just in case”….

(Mr. Strangeways also needs to admit, he still has his laser disc player in his closet…it cost a lot of money and he can’t bear to part with it!)

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