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October 20, 2012 Comments Off on Yup…”Mad Men’s” John Slattery Was Equally Yummy In His Youth Views: 5218 Uncategorized

Yup…”Mad Men’s” John Slattery Was Equally Yummy In His Youth

A very young John Slattery, aka “Mad Men’s” Roger Stirling.

It’s not much of a surprise…”Mad Men” actor John Slattery, the silver haired daddy yum yum who plays Roger Stirling was just as compelling as an eager young actor in the late 70’s…he’s still a Fox,but not a silver one.

In other pleasant news, production has begun on Season Six of “Mad Men” with news that the production is bopping over to Hawaii for a couple of days of shooting, with stars Jon Hamm and Jessica Pare in tow. Apparently, Don and Megan Draper are having a little va-cay in the Aloha State when the show resumes next year. Has Don been faithful to Megan since we last saw them? Has her acting career progressed at the expense of her marriage? Is Pete still an asshole? And, is Peggy prospering in her new job away from the home team at Stirling Cooper Draper & ….? (Did they remove Pryce from the company name after Lane’s suicide?) How is Joan coping with her higher position in the firm after prostituting herself for the benefit of the company? Will we see much of Betty?¬†And, how is Sally coping with puberty and her “womanhood”?

As for Roger Stirling, is he still tripping on LSD to achieve personal happiness and enlightenment? If so, is he still tripping in the nude?

To be determined…

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