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November 15, 2012 Comments Off on Elmo’s NOT A Perv And His Accuser Seems A Bit…Sketchy Views: 1596 Escandalo

Elmo’s NOT A Perv And His Accuser Seems A Bit…Sketchy

“Model” Sheldon Stephens is the alleged accuser of Kevin Clash, the Elmo puppeteer who has since recanted he had an underage sexual relationship with the performer.

Our world was torn asunder earlier this week when a young man made allegations against Sesame Street performer Kevin Clash, the hand and voice behind beloved puppet Elmo. The accuser, now 24, claimed that he and Mr. Clash had had a sexual relationship 8 years prior…when the accuser was only 16 and underage for sexual relations with an adult over the age of 21. Mr. Clash is now 52.

Children’s Television Workshop, the producers of Sesame Street, suspended Clash and the performer vowed to clear his name, but a day after the accuser made his original charge, he recanted and now says he was of age when the two had a physical relationship.

The Smoking Gun website has since done a little investigating and now claim they have discovered the identity of the accuser…a 24 year old model wannabe named Sheldon Stephens who comes complete with a troubling history and a police record that includes charges he robbed a man at knife point. Those charges were later dropped but the actor/model’s past history would indicate his entertainment career leans more toward the shady than the legitimate.

The kid has pretty eyes (thought too close together) but he’s never going to make it as a professional model…too skinny, too short and those tats are tacky. We’re GUESSING his assets might be below the waist and since his rather obvious attempt at making it in the big time by outing Mr. Clash isn’t proving to be very successful, we’re guessing he’s about a week away from announcing a new porn career. If you read the entire article from The Smoking Gun, you’ll notice that Mr. Stephens has an inactive X-Tube account. How long before some nasty video emerges?

Maybe this alleged ho and Calvin Klein’s ex-ho can team up and do a porn together…

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