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November 21, 2012 Comments Off on Sad Nudes To Report…Public And Pubic Nudity Outlawed in San Francisco Views: 5165 Naked News

Sad Nudes To Report…Public And Pubic Nudity Outlawed in San Francisco

It’s a week of sadness. Elmo likes trashy “chicken” and now San Francisco has banned public nudity.

By a vote of 6 to 5, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday afternoon to approve Supervisor Scott Weiner’s (yea, really!) measure to ban public nudity. The recent outcry and controversy over bein’ nekkid in public was largely prompted by some fun lovin’ male nudists in the city’s largely queer Castro District, who enjoyed hangin’ it ALL out in the streets of the gayborhood to the discomfort of other residents.

Fun loving pervs from all over the country who travel to San Francisco to partake in their notorious gay street festivals like the Folsom Street Fair will be happy to know that an exception was made for special events like Folsom and the annual San Francisco Pride Parade. You may continue to get your nude lovin’ freak on at those events.

While many are happy about the nude ban, others worry that the measure chips away at essential personal freedoms and erodes San Francisco’s reputation as an ultra-liberal mecca for all types of personal expressions.

Personally, we’re all for personal expression but does that really mean we need to see naked hippies lounging around in public with their goods and services on display? And, by public, we mean on street corners and high density/high traffic areas exposed to the public at large…if you wanna discreetly strip down on a beach or in a tucked away area in a park, then that’s a different story. But, we have to admit that we’re not keen on the idea of seeing ding dongs, vulvas and bungery holes lounging around in front of Safeway or The Grill on Broadway….not that public nudity would ever get very far in Seattle anyway. Our 11 months of chill and drizz, not to mention a strong puritanical streak in the backbone of the city would ever permit that anyway…

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