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December 21, 2012 Comments Off on Find Some Buried Treasure at The Eagle Views: 1298 Nightlife, We Love The Nightlife

Find Some Buried Treasure at The Eagle

Don't forget your map..

Don’t forget your map..

The world was supposed to end, but instead we got a nice sun shiney day, oh well, break free from your Holiday stress and woes tonight and let everything get loose at The Eagle. Once a month Nark provides your judgement free safe haven petting zoo, filled with heavy drinking and dancing, with the furries in the cage, jello shots down your windpipe and boys, girls and drag queens running amuck. This month features tunes from guest DJ, Transport!


Tapes of hot jams brought to you by..TRANSPORT
Looking for an ass shakin’, cock rockin’, booty humping journey through the hottest sounds of Deep and Underground House? DJ Transport knows how to throw down the creamy sounds to make your ear holes all wet. These ain’t gonna be your grandpa’s tracks, but don’t be surprised if he hits you upside the head with his walker…cuz you’re blocking his way to the dance floor.

He sucks but you just keep coming back for more, don’t you?

We’ll round up the furry gogo toys and some boozy jello shots, maybe snap a photo or two or just leave you alone to your corner, you dirty boys.

FRIDAY 12.21.12
at THE EAGLE, 314 E. Pike Street

Just as well, next month’s Dickslap lineup is rather spicey, with guest DJ TROUBLE (you know, the Ken doll Dan Savage put a ring on?) and up from Portland a special gogo bear-man-beast guest Ross, who made quite the stir at Q a couple weeks ago..

Uhh, yes please.

Uhh, yes please.


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