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May 14, 2013 Comments Off on Capitol Hill Is Filthy…Help Clean It Up With “Capitol Hill Clean Sweep” Views: 1268 Community Service/Volunteer, News

Capitol Hill Is Filthy…Help Clean It Up With “Capitol Hill Clean Sweep”


It really is.

Our big ole gayborhood is freakin’ FILTHY…in all senses of the word, but there’s not a lot we want to do about the moral turpitude. However, we CAN help do something about all the trash on the street that’s not a passed out LadyDude.

(I keed, I keed…The Haus of LadyDude and Mr. Strangeways very much enjoy “Reading” each other. Our Liberry is ALWAYS open!)

To get on topic, Capitol Hill is a big mess and it needs cleaned up. Seattle PrideFest/One Degree Events and the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce are teaming up on Saturday, June 1, 2013 to tidy up the debris and make the Hill “SPARKLE, NEELY, SPARKLE!” before it gets trashed all over again during Pride festivities later in the month. If you register to participate in “Gay Day of Service: Capitol Hill Clean Sweep”, you’ll get a t-shirt, breakfast and lunch, a Handi-Wipe, and a sense of civic pride. Here’s some more details:

Want to help your community and have fun at the same time?  This year, PrideFest’s Gay Day of Service and Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce’s Clean Sweep join together for a big clean of Capitol Hill streets.

We provide breakfast, lunch, event t-shirt, and cleaning supplies.  You can come as a group or by yourself (we’ll connect you with a group).  A great way to start Pride month!

Show up by 10am, complete your registration, and grab a bite, then we’ll send you on your way to beautify the streets of Capitol Hill.  Last year over 200 people joined in on the Clean Sweep.  This year it will be even bigger!

If you want to pick up trash that’s littering Broadway, Pike/Pine and Olive Way, then head over HERE to sign up. It’s a GOOD thing!

If you want to pick up trash outside your favorite club at 2:15 am, then keep on doing what you’ve been doing all along.

The former, and not the latter, looks better on your permanent record.


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