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July 3, 2013 Comments Off on Do THIS! “Freedom Fantasia” Opens Tonight With Host/Star Jinkx Monsoon! Views: 1914 #Theater and Stage, Arts & Entertainment, Stage

Do THIS! “Freedom Fantasia” Opens Tonight With Host/Star Jinkx Monsoon!


Pride is done…praise Zeus, but now it’s time to get back to work.

Oh, screw that…here’s a delightful entertainment you MUST go see, if you enjoy drag, burlesque, historical pageants and eagle puppets. DeLouLou’s FREEDOM FANTASIA opens tonight at The Triple Door and we highly recommend it…we blabbed all about it last week, and we’re lazy so here’s last week’s rave with some new info:

J’adore DeLouRue Productions, the producing/performing team of Ben DeLaCreme, Lou Henry Hoover and Kitten LaRue, and they are back at The Triple Door for the third straight year of their annual 4th of July history pageant/drag show/burlesque review known as FREEDOM FANTASIAit’s just like those old beloved Rankin-Bass animated puppet holiday specials we enjoyed as kids, except they substitute a buxom French accented Statue of Liberty for Rudolph or Snow Miser…It’s ridiculous amounts of draggy, campy, burlesquey fun, but it’s fun with a sly, liberal bias. Miss DeLaCreme have a big ole homo liberal agenda to get across…Bless their little, make-up encrusted hearts!

You should also be aware that this is a ‘real’ show with a plot and a through line…it’s not just a bunch of random drag/burlesque numbers. It all links together…DIVINELY!!!

AND, since co-star Jinkx Monsoon has made a bit of a name for herself, she’s plastered all over the ad copy like she’s the star! (She’s not, so don’t go expecting to see “The Jinkx Show”…)

UPDATE! We’ve learned that Jinkx Monsoon is HOSTING this year’s edition of FREEDOM FANTASIA filling in for BenDeLa who is “out of town”. And, Robbie Turner will be filling in for Jinkx…got that? Good!

We’ve also heard through the grapevine that a new cast member has been added: the lovely Robbie Turner! We wonder what role she is playing? Is she filling in for an absent cast member? We wonder…

Three nights, four shows!
July 3rd, 5th (9pm), and 6th (8pm and 10:30pm)

All shows are 17+ (and,why they picked such a random number, I don’t know…)

The Triple Door 216 Union Street, Downtown Seattle

Tickets: $27-$33 or call 206-838-4333

DeLouRue Presents, a production company from Kitten LaRue (The Atomic Bombshells), BenDeLaCreme (TUCK!), and Lou Henry Hoover (The Cherdonna and Lou Show) invite you to experience their third annual Fourth Of July spectacular – FREEDOM FANTASIA: A liberty-encrusted, justice-soaked, apple-pie-scented pageant of patriotism, featuring a venerable cast, including the the WINNER of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5, Jinkx Monsoon!

COMING THIS JULY: Now in it’s third year, FREEDOM FANTASIA returns with a three night run to the gorgeous Triple Door Mainstage. Featuring “the cleverest, wittiest production numbers in town” (Seattle Gay Scene), FREEDOM FANTASIA is a theatrical extravaganza combining song, dance, burlesque, theater and good old fashioned glittery stage spectacle to celebrate and satire the exhilarating highs and questionable lows of America and Americana.

Featuring a bombastic and diverse cast of Seattle’s drag, cabaret, music, burlesque, and contemporary dance all-stars, FREEDOM FANTASIA delivers a fusion of unique talents in one outrageous star-spangled parfait of patriotic pulchritude:

BenDeLaCreme * Kitten LaRue * Lou Henry Hoover Jinkx Monsoon * Major Scales * Cherdonna Shinatra * J Von Stratton Jim Kent * Markeith Wiley *

The critics are raving:

“You really should see this magical show. I laughed, I cheered… I laughed some more” (The Stranger)

“It just doesn’t get better than this!” (Seattle Gay News)

“Underneath the fabulousness, there’s real dancing going on…” (Seattle Weekly)

“There’s just something for EVERYBODY in “Freedom Fantasia” (Seattle Gay Scene)

“This production is not to be missed…you will laugh and smile and forget about the world gone mad for a while…”(Seattle Gay News)

About DeLouRue Presents:

“Bringing Sophisticated Shenanigans to the Discerning Debauchee. …like if On The Boards and Re-bar ever had a baby” (Seattle Gay Scene)

What happens when three of Seattle’s theatrical and literal BIG-WIGS put their hairsprayed heads together in a magical moment of scintillating synergy? DeLouRue Presents is birthed! Take one part Ben DeLaCreme (Homo For The Holidays!, Terminally Delightful), two shakes Kitten LaRue (The Atomic Bombshells, TRAINWRECK!), and a dollop of Lou Henry Hoover (The Cherdonna and Lou Show, Dance Belt USA…). Add a dash of blah blah blah and VOILA!…the most MUEY ELEGANZA showbiz parfait you’ve ever tasted!

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