Seattle PrideFest 2013 Is The Biggest Show In Town

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Happy Pride Day Seattle!!!


It’s Pride Day 2013 in Seattle and it’s GORGY outside…between the death of DOMA and this terrific weather we have a lot to be thankful for this LGBTQ Pride season. (But, wear sunscreen and hydrate while being Pridey outdoors!)

The parade starts in just a couple of hours followed by PrideFest at Seattle Center AND dozens of beer gardens and parties all over the Hill and the city. But, while we revel and celebrate the power of being part of the community, you also kinda/havta/sorta take at least a moment or two to remember WHY we are celebrating…it’s all about a seedy bar in the West Village 44 years ago, and a police raid that was resisted by a brave little group of queers, many of them drag queens, or transgendered, who finally said NO to years of oppression.

Here’s a terrific video by Alex Berry featuring Mama Tits at Pride a couple years ago, telling that story to a new generation of LGBTQ people.

Happy Pride Seattle…and the World.

Be safe.

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