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July 3, 2013 Comments Off on Wonder Who’s On Season 6 Of “Drag Race”? Views: 2609 Arts & Entertainment, Drag, RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6

Wonder Who’s On Season 6 Of “Drag Race”?

Apparently, they’re filming “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season Six AS WE SPEAK! (Or, as I write and you read…uh, your lips are moving…) RuPaul has tweeted about it, in her oblique way…she’s even mentioned they moved to a new studio to shoot the show and it’s the old studio where they filmed “Soul Train”….ADORBS!

There’s already much speculation on the Interwebs as to WHO got cast for Season Six…so many rumors, and innuendos, and worst kept secrets…

Let’s discuss some of the Prime Candidates, shall we?


Courtney Act
The lurvely Ozzie known as Courtney Act...

The lurvely Ozzie known as Courtney Act…

Those in the know, certainly are aware of Courtney Act…she’s the fishy Australian queen who transverses the Pacific between Sydney and WeHo who first shot to fame as a contestant on “Australia Idol”. She’s funny, pretty and can really sing…a real Triple Threat Barbie…ON the BARBIE!

She’s also “disappeared” on a supposed holiday to the Seychelles last month and she posted a photo from her trip on her Facebook…only problem: an alert fan noticed that the backdrop to the photo was the same as a previous vacation photo that Ms Act took on an earlier trip to Hawaii…

Bitch is totally on Season 6.

Laganja Estranja
Obviously, she's an honorary LadyDude already...

Obviously, she’s an honorary LadyDude already…

Frankly, we’d never heard of her, but this L.A. queen is apparently a big star and definitely a cutting edge, very contemporary, shock edged kinda queen.

She seems to enjoy the “Herb”.

We’re guessing Nark is already on the phone to book this ‘ho for GENDER BLENDER 2014…

The rumors are real hot and heavy on her right now.

Bitch is totally on Season 6.

Adore Delano
Adore a Paradisco and Sharon Needles had an abortion...and, I mean that lovingly.

Adore Delano…like a Paradisco and Sharon Needles had an abortion…and, I mean that lovingly.

If you’re a 92 year old regular viewer of “American Idol” you might recognize Ms Delano as a previous contestant on that awful and very tired singing competition show…in boy form, she’s Danny Noriega and already comes equipped with LEGIONS of 9 year old and 92 year old fans. Adore also won the contest for fans to vote a queen on to the next season, so it’s pretty much a given she’s on the show.

Downside: she’s only been doing drag for a couple of years.

Shangela 2.0?

Regardless…the bitch is totally on Season 6.

Other names we’re hearing: NYC’s Bianca Del Rio; Chicago’s Gia Gunn and Rochester, NY’s Darienne Lake. And, others, but our lips are sealed…court order.

Who DIDN’T get on? Vicky Vox, Rhea Litre and Mayhem Miller were all heavily favored to make the cut…but, didn’t. Sucks to be them.

We hope there’s a funny fat girl on this year!

Oh, and for the record, this is all RUMOR! I got no inside scoop from anyone at LOGO, or World of Wonder, or anyone actually cast on the show. ¬†It’s SPECULATION!

(But, these heifers are all on the show…)


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