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April 28, 2014 Comments Off on Heather Gives “Fierce Queen” A Sweaty, Glittery Thumbs Up Views: 1337 Arts & Entertainment, Drag, Drag O'Tainment

Heather Gives “Fierce Queen” A Sweaty, Glittery Thumbs Up

Until the Divoon Rachel Robinson or Steven Didis release Some Lovely Photos, you'll have to make do with this crappy Instagram shot of Cucci Binaca which doesn't even reveal how filthy her costume was...

Until the Divoon Rachel Robinson or Steven Didis release Some Lovely Photos, you’ll have to make do with this crappy Instagram shot of Cucci Binaca which doesn’t even reveal how filthy her costume was…

Having been out of the “drag scene” or, well, “the scene” itself, it was refreshing to walk into Neighbours Nightclub for Nark Magazine’s  FEROCIOUS MEMORIES VS FIERCE QUEEN this last Saturday and take it all in in its sweaty, glittery, foggy glory. I had thought I was going to be late, but I strolled up to the club just in time with my two Army boys and Seattle’s favorite gutter troll, Olivia LaGarce.

We were greeted warmly by Cucci Binaca twirling around with a cigarette in front of the back alley entrance. She was wearing a fire engine red dress with condoms attached to it, and I knew the night was going to be one for the books. I got into the club itself and sadly thought of the Ke$ha lyric of, “there’s a place downtown where the freaks all come around.”

Because, that’s who was there. The freaks. The misfits. Y’know, THE QUEER KIDS! Of course, I wasn’t surprised, because Kevin Kauer’s parties have created an unmatched, unparalleled atmosphere that makes us all act like moths to a rainbow flame. So for starters, the GoGo boys were on point, but I think most people flocked to Rich Kelly to tip him in his panties, because of his beard and magical chest hair.

The music was what I expected: incredible. While the testosterone’d hot messes partied in the sauna that is the third floor of R Place, everyone else was shaking their dick, tits, and asses at Neighbours to the thumpy beats of Hi Fashion. Their set was incredible, their outfits were incredible. The whole damn thing was just incredible.

Amoania, Urethra Franklin, and Cherry Sur Bete’s personas shined bright and easily kept things alive, fresh, and never stale. Kevin would be smart to keep these three divas cemented on the judges panel. Meanwhile, Seattle’s former Imperial Princess, DonnaTella Howe, won the right to enter the competish after I forfeited, because I failed to bring forth a CD.

She was ripped to shreds by the judge’s jokes on her behalf, collected her boxy ass hips, and sashayed away. The three standouts for me were also the three queens that eventually made it to the Final 3: Cucci Binaca, DieAna Dae, and Lady Poison. They brought their shit, while the rest of the girls I loved, but they didn’t do anything to stand out. Cuntella deserves an honorable mention, because she ran off of the stage and tried to steal the shots I had procured for the judges.

Lady Poison was crowned your Fierce Queen 2.0 and I must say, I didn’t even know it was T.W. D’Abney until I saw her having sex on stage. Like, she was literally rubbing her fauxgina on the stage like she was Natalie Portman in Black Swan. That being said, it was another Nark party that didn’t disappoint, and I’ll be interested to see what Fierce Queen, as well as Ferocious Memories, cooks up for us next time.

Heather Hysteric (Brad Gilligan) is a new contributor at Seattle Gay Scene. When not writing for our fabulous blog, you can find her protecting Amurrca’s freedom in the United States Air Force, while moonlighting as a drag queen whenever she gets a wild hair stuck up her tuck. She loves long walks on the beach, grilled cheese, and her little puppy Trooper.

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