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Mr. Holden Has Somethin’ To Say!!!

Journalist Dominic Holden is spillin' the shit this his one man show at WET. Photo: Tim Harmon/The Hill Has Eyes

Journalist Dominic Holden is spillin’ the shit this weekend…in his one man show at WET.
Photo: Tim Harmon/The Hill Has Eyes

Dandy Dominic Holden, The Stranger’s adorable news dude/associate editor/cop baiter/queero/pot smoking hippie man wears a lot of hyphens. 

And, he just added a couple more: stand up /solo performance artist/theater maker.

Mr. Holden is debuting his one man theater piece, TALKING SHIT this Saturday & Sunday, April 26/27 at 7:30 pm at The Little Theater/Washington Ensemble Theatre at 608 19th Ave. E. It’s his look at being gay, religion, marriage equality and all sorts of other cool shit. Here’s some more shit about the shit he plans on bullshitting about:

Long before Stranger associate editor Dominic Holden was old enough to be a bad homo, he was a terrible Catholic. He drank too much at his first communion, and then, to top it off, accidentally revealed to his dear Catholic mother that he would never, ever eat pussy. Not that he’s great at being gay—have you seen how he dresses? The dude even manages to clash with a rainbow. Nevertheless, for four years before gay marriage became legal in Washington State, Holden used his tarnished Christian and gay bona fides to call up good, red-blooded Christians and ask the question on all liberal gays’ minds: Why were they so obsessed with the idea of two gay men holding hands atop a wedding cake? He cold-called campaign donors. He interviewed church-goers. He infiltrated organizing meetings to question the motivation behind their anti-gay organizing. And the answers—which he explains in this one-man, one-hour show—weren’t the answers you’d expect.

And, here’s a lovely interview with Dom in The Capitol Hill Times. (When did the TCHT become sorta interesting and kinda relevant and vaguely hip?) In it, there’s EVERYTHING you wanted to know about Dom but were afraid to ask…

We j’adore Dom, (even when we disagree with him about shit…) and think you should check this shit out.

Also: We think he dresses FINE!!!

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