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Theatre 22’s Final Production “Nonsense & Beauty” Opens This Week

Cast, production team for Theatre 22’s “Nonsense & Beauty” onstage at Green Lake Bathhouse Theater from Sept 9 to October 2nd.

It’s sad news that Theatre 22, one of Seattle’s few LGBTQ+ theater companies announced a few weeks ago that they were closing down the company after the run of their latest production, NONSENSE and BEAUTY which opens Friday, September 9th. Citing issues caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the difficulty of finding affordable venue options to produce theater, co-founder/artistic director Corey McDaniel explained why the company made this difficult choice:

The pandemic has changed everything in every direction and the arts have been incredibly hard hit; now, we find ourselves at T22 without a sustainable venue option for our productions unless we pivot to being a volunteer company, which is antithesis to how we want artists to be treated when they work with us. Theatre22 set out to be a professional company that could, among many other things, sustain the work of our artists. Paying people a fair rate for their time and talent is non-negotiable for Theatre22. Therefore, we have decided that we would like to go out strong and on a high note at our ten-year mark….Nonsense and Beauty will be our final production.  

-Corey McDaniel

We at Seattle Gay Scene adore Corey and his partner in everything Alber Sucupira and while we’re going to miss the theatrical work and art they created over the last decade, we can continue to cherish the bonds they created with Seattle’s theater and LGBTQ+ communities…and, very fondly remember the terrific productions they did over the years like Water by the Spoonful, Annapurna, Downstairs, The Pride, The Revolutionists, White and many others.

AND, we can honor their work by supporting their CURRENT production, NONSENSE AND BEAUTY which is a powerful new play by playwright Scott C. Sickles about the British novelist E.M. Forster (Howard’s End, A Room with a View) and his relationship with Bob Buckingham, a much younger policeman. More via press release:

Cast of Nonsense and Beauty. Photo: Truman Buffet

Recipient of the the 2018 Edgerton Foundation New Play Award, Nonsense and Beauty by Scott C. Sickles follows the eminent British novelist E.M. Forster as his romance with Bob Buckingham, a policeman 23 years his junior, falls prey to his fear of discovery. After Bob marries May, a compassionate young woman, Forster remains ensnared in a turbulent and unique love triangle until his death nearly 40 years later. Based on a true story, Nonsense and Beauty captures the wit and wisdom of one of the last century’s great writers.

“The palpable yearnings of its characters in a time of social repression, even for a renowned writer such as Forster, make it a fascinating and absorbing story.” ~ Mark Bretz, Ladue News

“…[A]n engaging and provocative play that questions whether love is always worth pursuing regardless of the cost. Sometimes it’s impossible to know for certain. All we can do is disregard the nonsense and embrace the beauty.” ~ Calvin Wilson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“A lovingly crafted work of substance, that means something, where the attention to detail is strong, and the approach thoughtful.” ~ Lynne Venhaus, St. Louis Limelight

The play is directed by Corey McDaniel and starring in it are Eric Mulholland, Russell Matthews, Hisam Goueli, Jennifer Ewing, and Marty Mukhalian.

Opening Friday, September 9th and running through October 2nd at Seattle Public Theater’s Green Lake Bathhouse Theater, at 7312 West Green Lake Drive North.

Note that for the safety of the actors/staff, masking will be required of all patrons.

For tickets, go to:

And, finally, a big salud to Corey and Alber and everyone at Theatre22 for a decade of making magical theater!

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