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Seattle Pride Weekend Just Got More Interesting: Heklina & Trannyshack Come To Town


Anytime you can get extra frosting on your cake is a good thing. If Seattle Pride Weekend festivities are the cake, then the just leaked/released news that San Francisco’s iconic TRANNYSHACK show is coming to town for THREE days of events would be a big gooey helping of frosting on top of an already delicious baked confection. T-Shack’s creator/star/host HEKLINA is jetting up from SFO with a bevy of her talented beauties for events starting on Friday, June 27 and extending through Pride Sunday, June 29, 2014 and will include a very special Saturday afternoon/evening event at Seattle Center leading up to that evening’s Cher/Cyndi Lauper concert at Key Arena. The event, to take place just east of Key on the PrideFest main stage, will feature Heklina and the Trannyshack crew performing with surprise guest stars, PLUS local djs Tony Burns, L.A. Kendall, DJ Skiddle and Colby B (NYC) providing the tunes. The main attraction for the “CHER & CYNDI WELCOME PARTY” will be a Cher/Cyndi talent competition with the prizes to include tickets to that evening’s show (the winner will be WHISKED away to the show after winning!), plus a spot on the PrideFest Main Stage the following day. The event is FREE and open to the public but with a beer garden for the 21+ crowd. More info on this event, produced in partnership with Qulture Qreative and Kendall’s DJ & Events will be released soon.


However, the weekend will kick off on Friday, the 27th up on Capitol Hill at The Unicorn/Narwhal as they partner with their Mimosas With Mama star, Mama Tits and her Skyscraper Entertainment production company, in conjunction with Reyka Vodka, Seattle PrideFest, Qulture Qreative and Kendall’s DJ & Event’s for a very special show. Naturally hosted by the one and only Heklina, the performance will feature her San Francisco gals: Holotta Tymes, Turleen TailSpin, Sasha Stéphane and Ginger Snap, plus appearances from some of Heklina’s favorite Seattle friends: Sylvia O’Stayformore, Jackie Hell and Amoania. The doors will open at 8 pm with the show at 10 pm and it’s only $5 with partial proceeds benefiting Gay City Arts. (Sorry, kids: it’s 21+ w/ID!) The after party for this special show will be down the street at Dickslap at The Seattle Eagle. And, yes….SEATTLE GAY SCENE is the media sponsor for the Friday night event. We’ll be there to record EVERY. BLOODY. MOMENT. IN. EXCRUCIATING. DETAIL!

(AND, in an effort to get you all excited about these shows, Mr. Strangeways will now totally steal Heather Hysteric’s format she uses for her drag related articles…)

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited About Heklina & Trannyshack Coming To Seattle For Pride

7) It’s the same weekend as San Francisco Pride so we’re depriving SFO of their cherished performers on their big Prideful Weekend. This is called, Schaudenfreude. In the case of SFO, it’s the second helping of Schaudenfreude we’ve served on their asses since the Seahawks made them cry back in January…We like that.

6) It’s a terrific, and RARE, opportunity to see amazing San Francisco drag performers do their thing. Trannyshack stars do not fool around…they are the real deal, and they come up with brilliant and fierce performances. They ain’t lip syncing to the latest Katy Perry hit…or, if they are, they’ll be blood, fire and splooge involved.

5) Bargains! The Unicorn/Narwhal show is only $5!!!!! The Saturday and Sunday T-Shack events at Seattle Center are ……FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

4) It’s a SUPER insanely rare opportunity to take your underage friends to a kickass drag show (for the Sat/Sun events at Seattle Center). All you youngsters bitter over the fact you can’t see 98% of most drag shows will get a chance to see a killer show…for FREE!

3) We recently heard of a filthy competition where some of you tramps are apparently “collecting” how many “RuPaul’s Drag Race” girls you can sleep with…we’re guessing some of you hobags are running out of potential Drag Racers, so you can start “collecting” T-Shack gals!!!!

2) It’s an opportunity for the Queer Community to take back The Unicorn/Narwhal…it’s a terrific space and WASTED on the little annoying straight hipster wannabees who flock there on the weekend…

and, the Number One Reason To Be Excited About Heklina/T-Shack coming to town for Pride Weekend:






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