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Steve Grand’s Toting His Abs to Seattle For PrideFest Concert

Steve Grand: the Out C/W star is proud to be a 'murrican!! And, to be performing at Seattle PrideFest 2014 this Sunday, June 29.

Steve Grand: the Out C/W star is proud to be an All- ‘murrican Boy!! And, to be performing at Seattle PrideFest 2014 this Sunday, June 29. Photo: Joem Bayawa Photography.

Steve Grand, the 24 year old out country/western singing star has come a long way since his viral hit and sexy video for “All-American Boy” made him an internet sensation just a year ago. (Also largely aided by his hot body and the revelation that Grand had posed for underwear ads.) Since then, the break out star/singer/songwriter has become a familiar face (and body) at LGBTQ events and Pride celebrations and named one of OUT magazine’s “Out 100” for 2013.

Mr. Grand and fellow out c/w star Chely Wright will headline Seattle PrideFest’s Closing Concert at the Mural Stage on Pride Sunday, June 29 at with gates open at 7. This is a ticketed event; grab them HERE!

As for Steve Grand, he took time out of his hectic Pride touring schedule to chat with us.


ED: When is your album coming out?
SG: I’m working on it every moment that I’m not on the road performing, or fulfilling Kickstarter rewards! The short answer is that I’m trying to have it out by early September. The amount of work and detail that goes into something like this is more than I could have ever imagined! So many variables to take into account that make it almost impossible to accurately predict when it will be finished… and even then it will have to be pried out of me hands! I really appreciate my fans who have been so patient and supportive through this process! They deserve nothing less than my very best work.

ED: It has been almost a year since “All-American Boy” hit the web. What has been the highlight for you?
SG: There have been so many incredible moments! Knowing that there are people out there who have connected with my music, or just feel a little less alone because of what I’ve managed to capture in my songs and videos, is certainly the most rewarding part of all of this. As an artist, nothing is more fulfilling.

ED: What part of the tour are you most looking forward to?
SG: I live to perform! I can’t think of anything more fun than being up on that stage. I come to life in a whole other way every time I get in front of my GrandFam, and we all get to create a special moment with a unique energy that can never be replicated in the same way. Every show is its own special journey. Getting to meet some of the incredible people of all walks of life who support what I do after each show makes touring very fulfilling.

ED: What is the worst job or job experience you have ever had?
SG: I was a server at a pizza joint that had just opened when I was 18. I wasn’t trained and I was expected to serve liquor, which I knew absolutely nothing about, so I was off to a rough start. Once I served this little girl a drink with alcohol because the bartender apparently didn’t know what a Shirley Temple was. It wasn’t really even my fault since I had just served what the bartender made, and didn’t see how she made it, but I was still mortified and embarrassed and felt really bad. The place went out of business a few months after I left and went away for school, though it wasn’t for that particular instance.

Oh, my!!! Steve Grand satin sheets?

Oh, my!!! Steve Grand selling…red satin sheets?

ED: Do you have any sort of ritual or anything you do before going on stage?
SG: I try to have some alone time to relax and get in a good place mentally so I can be like a great big ball of good energy when I run out on stage. I want it to be a fun, positive experience for my fans, and I can’t expect them to have fun if I’m not having fun.

ED: If you could perform with any musician, who would it be and what song would you choose?
SG: I would perform with Lana Del Rey just to try and get her to laugh during a song, because these are the odd kinds of things I find humorous. I think she is fantastic; her whole sound and aesthetic, but we don’t get to see her smile a lot. We could do “Young and Beautiful,” or something really somber where it wouldn’t be appropriate to smile, but hilarious (to me) nonetheless.

ED: Who is your musician or band right now?
SG: As far as current artists go, I would have to say Lorde. She is such a talented songwriter and singer. Just that one line, “I’m kind of over gettin’ told to throw my hands up in the air,” is so good because I think that’s the way a lot of young listeners feel about popular music today. That’s good writing.

ED: Do you have a message you would like to put out there for LGBTQ youth?
SG: Yes! Stay Strong! And Be Brave! I know from experience that it can really suck sometimes. Just know that the world outside of high school is very different, and the things that make you feel ‘odd’ or ‘different’ as a kid, often make you a cooler, more interesting adult. Embrace who you are and you will find your people one day.

ED: What does it mean to you personally to be considered one of the first male openly gay country singers?
SG: I’m certainly not the first. I am in awe of the trailblazers who came before me. And I never labeled myself country. But if some people hear that in my music, that’s great. I’m not sure I fit into any one box. I just want my music to touch people. If it does, I’m happy.


Check out Steve Grand this Sunday at PrideFest!

MORE info:

Our PrideFest Closing Concert on June 29 with Steve Grand and Chely Wright is a soft landing for your crazy pride weekend. 100% of net proceeds will benefit marriage equality non-profits. Join us on the sprawling lawns of the Mural Amphitheatre for a night of amazing music, drinks, food, and Pride!


RSVP on Facebook:

Location: Mural Amphitheatre, Seattle Center
Time/Date: Sunday, June 29
Gates at 7:15pm
Steve Grand at 7:30pm
Chely Wright at 8:30pm
Concert ends no later than 9:30pm
Available: Beer Garden (21+), Food, Merchandise, All Ages General Admission

VIP meet-and-greet for pass holders.
GET (1) ticket and (1) backstage pass for $60 For Chely and $75 for Steve*

*First set of Steve Grand Backstage VIP passes sold out. What few remain are at a premium!

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