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Our Secondary Nerd God, Kevin Smith Descends on Seattle!

You’re not a true nerd/geek unless you know who Kevin Smith is. Even though we’ll get to see our Legendary Nerd God Stan Lee at ECCC, Smith will be here in town for a special Q&A!

He’s the John Hughes of the ’90s, except he can actually, yanno…write dialogue. In fact, he even mentioned that that’s what he set out to do with the making of Clerks and its sequels. With nothing but donations from family and selling his then-comic book collection, he began a generation of nerd-speak in black and white film. Because believe it or not, geeks and fandoms were around before Marvel catapulted to fame in the early 2000s with Spider-Man and X-Men. And although Smith had tried to help write superhero films, Marvel and DC just weren’t ready for his flavor.

So, next Saturday the 21st at 8pm, grab your chance to talk to The Ultimate Nerd at An Evening with Kevin Smith! I mean, his daughter is named Harley, for fuck’s sake. She even looks like she could play Ms. Quinn in about ten years. Funny that, because DC has declared this Harley Quinn month. Squee!

But enough about her. Kevin Smith is hilarious in person. What will you ask him when you show up at the Neptune Theater? Please go so I can live vicariously through you; I won’t be able to make it. Ask: How’s the upcoming film Yoga Hosers coming? What’s it about? What’s it like directing your daughter? What’s coming up for Comic Book Men? Will you ever come to ECCC again? How the fuck did you make Red State happen? But most importantly, has New Jersey gotten any cleaner?

It’s always been a blast to see Silent Bob spew some profound shit when he speaks one or two lines per movie. On stage, he pretty much spews profound shit absentmindedly during his hilarious stories. In the wake of Too Fat for Forty, he’s slimmed down a bit, and Smith seems to be on cloud nine with all of his projects. I expect he’ll be an authority in nerd-dom in his twilight years to come, so we should snatch every opportunity to engage him in conversation while tickets are still affordable! Go, because he won’t be at our Comicon this year!

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