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All-American “Rassler” Comes Out

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Welcome To….Boylesque! (And, “The Strangeways Report”)

Yum! Mr. Gorgeous and his looooooooong legs are headlining at the 1st Seattle Boylesque Festival, June 12, 2015 at The Triple Door!

Yum! Mr. Gorgeous and his looooooooong legs are headlining at the 1st Seattle Boylesque Festival, June 12, 2015 at The Triple Door!

Well, this is exciting…over the weekend, stage impresarios/producers Thirsty Girl and Daniel Nardicio announced that Seattle would get “The 1st Annual Boylesque Festival”, replicating similar shows they produce in NYC and elsewhere. It’s gonna be a two night event with a “Teaser Party” kicking off on Thursday, June 11, 2015 at Re-bar with a terrific (and zexy) line-up of talent:

The festival kicks off on Thursday June 11th with it’s Teaser Party, hosted by Seattle’s own Ernie Von Schmaltz at the legendary Re-Bar!  The party features over a dozen local and national performers and is sure to get your motor started for the weekend! Performers include Al Lykya (Seattle), Ron Dez Vous (LA), Beau Creep (Canada), Jesus La Pinga(Seattle), Bobby Barnaby (SF),  Matt Knife (NYC), Billy Scream (Seattle),  Mike Monaco (MASS), Bolt Action (Seattle), Mustang Monroe (CO), Man Johnson (Seattle),Tre’ Da Marc (Minneapolis), and Willy LaQueue (Chicago)!

The main event is the next night, Friday June 12, 2015 with TWO shows at The Triple Door, at 7pm and 10:30pm, and hosting by BenDeLaCreme.

This stellar line up features international, national and local superstars including: Mr. Gorgeous (NYC), Waxie Moon (Seattle), Lou Henry Hoover (Seattle), Tito Bonito (LA), Russell Bruner (Portland), Eddie Van Glam (Seattle), Mod Carousel (Seattle), Serge Violland (France), The Luminous Pariah (Seattle), Jonny Porkpie (NYC), Trojan Original (Seattle), Paris Original (Seattle), Gilbert De Moccos (Japan) and more TBA!

Tickets for The Triple Door show are already on sale, HERE! And, stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks.

On a side note, this is the FIRST post for Mr. Strangeways’ new blog within the SGS website, THE STRANGEWAYS REPORT where I’ll be posting shorter little bon bons, snarkeries and praise as I see fit. Most of these posts will live solely under THE STRANGEWAYS REPORT’S own banner/category but some of them, (like this one) will also appear on the front page of SGS. So, it behooves you to bookmark the link to “TSR” and check back frequently. (OR, you can find a link residing under the “Home” tab on the menu bar up above^^^^!!!!)

Also: eventually OTHER writers will contribute to “TSR”. All in good time. We have SO many goodies to reveal.

Got it?


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