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After Latest Anti-Queer Attack, Capitol Hill Gets Mad As Hell & Marches Against Violence


The anger and fear are palpable as LGBTQ Seattlites and allies question why the city’s biggest gay neighborhood is increasingly the location of both street violence and hate crimes against the community. On June 7th, a transwoman was reportedly involved in an incident near Cal Anderson Park:

“Two people were engaged in an altercation outside of Cal Anderson Park – there was one witness to the incident. We believe one person was transgender who was involved in the altercation, the witness broke up the fight and the person who was identified by the witness as possibly transgender left the scene on their own volition. 9-1-1 was not called, no police or ambulance were dispatched to the scene. SPD will take a detailed police report from the witness and will continue to investigate further”

Vague rumors on social media indicated that the transwoman was injured, but there hasn’t been any confirmation to the story or even any names mentioned as to the identity of the person in question.

Regardless, this latest incident in a long line of recent aggressions against both LGBTQ residents and visitors to Capitol Hill , has led several community leaders to call for and organize a peaceful march for Saturday night, June 13, 2015 through the main streets of Capitol Hill. The event is being called, “Our Queer Neighborhood: A March Against Violence on Capitol Hill”.

From the FB invite:

HELLO! We have solidified the plan for Saturday night:
Meet at the Bobby Morris Playfield (astroturf) in Cal Anderson Park at 9:30PM to begin rallying the people.

March to begin at 10:00PM
March will move through the Pike/Pine neighborhood back to SCCC to have a rally and vigil around 11:30
March will then make a broader circle from the Pike/Pine Corridor to Olive and Broadway.
The goal is to make our presence known throughout Capitol Hill and stay present on the hill throughout the entirety of Saturday night.

Our goal is to have a large force marching on the hill and getting the message out: NOT ONE MORE!

-Wear black accented by pink and rainbow #queervisibility
-This is not a violent protest. We are not responding to their hate with hate.
-The main chant will be “NOT ONE MORE”
-This is a solidarity movement. We are standing in solidarity with every member of the community who has been victimized.

Although we cannot control street accessibility as an acknowledgement of those in our community who cannot participate in the march, we propose a candle light vigil be held throughout the evening in front of Odd Fellows to shed light on the most recent act of violence against our community.

There will be signs available for those who would like to carry, feel free to also make your own.


Organizers stress this is a peaceful march. Vandalism will not be tolerated.

This recent attack and subsequent march come just a couple of weeks after the announcement and implementation of the City of Seattle and the Seattle Police Department’s controversial “Safe Place” program which consists of rainbow stickers in shop windows that indicate the business is a “safe haven” for people fleeing dangerous street situations. The program has come under attack for being politically motivated and not effective at dealing with the rise in street crimes and specifically hate crimes against the LGBTQ community.

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