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October 16, 2015 Comments Off on Derrick “Is He Or Isn’t He on Season 8?” Barry Bops Into R Place Views: 3835 After Dark / After Hours, Arts & Entertainment, Drag, Nightlife, Stuff to Do, We Love The Nightlife

Derrick “Is He Or Isn’t He on Season 8?” Barry Bops Into R Place

Is it Derrick Barry as Britney or Derrick Barry as Megan Hilty?

Is it Derrick Barry as Britney or Derrick Barry as Megan Hilty?

Now is your chance to save some money.

World famous drag queen/Britney Spears impersonator DERRICK BARRY is performing at R Place this Friday and Saturday nights, October 16 & 17.

Mo’ poo:

R Place is proud to present Poptober. A month full of your favorite Pop Diva impersonations. Joining the All Start Lashes cast is the world renowned Britney Impersonator, Derrick Barry. Derrick has been seen on America’s Got Talent, and most recently live on tour with Madonna. She’ll be taking a break from the hit show Divas Las Vegas to come entertain you for this star studded weekend. GA tickets available at the door on a first come first serve basis for $10. VIP tickets include first 5 front rows of seating, cocktail service during the show, and a meet and greet photo taking session after the show. Doors are at 8:30, show is at 9:30. R Place is a 21 and up only venue.

WHY would you save money by going this weekend? Because it’s much rumored that the lovely Ms Barry is on Season 8 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” which will debut early 2016 and after that, it’s likely her fee and subsequently, her ticket prices will go up substantially. Various Nancy Drew Types have figured out that Derrick disappeared from mid July to mid August this summer…the exact shooting schedule for Season 8. If you recall, we also surmised that Our Own Miss Robbie Turner was also off filming this summer instead of her alleged excuse of having a broken ankle. Which she QUICKLY recovered from despite the fact it takes MONTHS to recover from such an injury (why didn’t she fake a broken wrist? A much easier excuse…you can’t put on make up with a broken wrist…or text!)

We’ll find out in November/December probably. That’s when they frequently announce the new casts for RPDR.

In the meanwhile, if you go tonight look for meaningful winks and smiles between Derrick and Robbie. WILL they give each other the Secret RPDR Handshake? (What would that be, exactly? Grasping each other’s elbows while lip syncing silently to an Air Supply song?)

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