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The Almighty “F” Word is Here to Stay! Awesome Women Coming Our Way!


Feminist Frequency blogger Anita Sarkeesian is headed to the metro area this Thursday, January 21, 2016.

No, not *that* “F’ word. 


Quit your groaning; I’ve had it quite up to here with ignoramuses. Now that the conversation has finally been renewed with more fervor in recent years, we can begin to cement what it means in our modern, crazy, over-shared, technological times.

Pardon the upcoming geek girl squee:


If you don’t have your tickets already, you’ve either missed your shot or you’re waitlisted. Held at the Meydenbauer Center in Bell-Aire (ahem) Bellevue, January 21st, at 7:30pm, attendees will get to hear Ms. Sarkeesian speak about the “strong female character” trope. And she knows a little something about it, too. Her blog, Feminist Frequency, speaks to its followers on the roles, tropes, and designs of female characters in games, movies, TV, and the rest of all things media. She’s extremely intelligent, thoughtful, poised, and funny. She’s the geek girl in all of us, if we all were half as enterprising as she (and, say, Felicia Day. Can we just pause at the happy thought of maybe one day seeing those two in the same room?). The lecture will bring forth ideas as to what’s being created, what it reflects, and how we can make better characters. Seriously hoping Supergirl is brought up.

On a serious note, if you know anyone who had a #GamerGate mentality and plans to attend with nefarious purposes, please distract them by taking them elsewhere. No one needs that kind of negativity. Kthxbai.

This geek girl didn’t get a chance to see Sarkeesian last time she was at GeekGirlCon, so I’m eagerly looking forward to it. Some of my gaming friends will be attending as well, including the awesome folks from Dorkadia.

See you there!


P.S. For more feminism, you’ve probably seen the ads everywhere for the insanely heroic Malala Yousafzai coming to town in July. If you haven’t picked up her book yet, DO IT. 

Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai


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