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Lady Parts Justice League’s Clever New Video, “The Pill” Promotes Reproductive Rights


From the Department of Awesome Public Service Videos That Promote Women’s Reproductive Rights:

We j’adore this clever video from LADY PARTS JUSTICE LEAGUE (want an awesome name for your group? stick “Justice League” at the end of it!) that promotes Birth Control. It’s a cute/clever parody of those “Schoolhouse Rock” videos from Saturday morning kids’ tv that taught us so many valuable lessons about the Function of Conjunctions and how a Bill becomes a Law. Here, their “I’m Just a Pill” illustrates how the Plan B birth control pill is not an abortifacient but birth control pill that prevents pregnancy before it happens.

Of course, the yabbos on the Religious Right disagree and annoying men like Orange Hitler’s Supreme Court Justice nominee and asshat Neil Gorshuch want to ban Plan B. Lady Parts Justice League wants to get the word out that we have to fight for women’s reproductive rights and that means fighting the idiots who want to control women (but also don’t want to support unwanted children with healthcare, housing or food…)

Here’s the video and more on Lady Parts Justice League:



(Orange is the New Black)
Lyrics written and arranged by HOLLY MIRANDA


“When life begins is an opinion. When pregnancy begins is a scientific fact.” – The Pill (Plan B)

With all the fake news and non-facts promoted about contraception and reproductive rights, Lady Parts Justice League had to clap back with “I’m Just A Pill,” a response video that shuts down misinformation and exposes fucked up legislation, all just in time for Neil Gorsuch’s hearings, which begin today. You see, Gorsuch, Trump’s nominee for Supreme Court Justice, can’t and should not be a judge in our highest court because he actually thinks birth control is abortion.

Today, LPJL calls upon The Pill (voiced by Lea DeLaria– Big Boo on Orange is the New Black), to school Gorsuch and dispel fake facts on birth control and drop some scientific knowledge on Plan B as a preventative measure. “I’m Just A Pill” is now available here, and you may recognize it as a parody of a certain Schoolhouse Rock! video frequently enjoyed in elementary schools nationwide. Lyrics to the song were written and arranged by musician Holly Miranda. DeLaria states, “When I was young, Schoolhouse Rock was the perfect tutor. Hopefully, ‘I’m Just A Pill’ will reach and teach the ones who need it. U.S. out of my uterus.”

For those that may not know, Plan B is NOT abortion — it actually prevents pregnancy from happening. So when a cashier denies birth control because of “moral beliefs” – and yes, that is legal – take it up with those shit stirrers on Capitol Hill and let them know that an individual’s right to their body is none of these politicians’ damn business. LPJL founder Lizz Winstead states, “We don’t need another vote on the Supreme Court that bases decisions about our junk on junk science!”



Founded in 2015 by Daily Show Co-Creator Lizz Winstead, Lady Parts Justice League infuses humor into reproductive rights spaces while also dropping some knowledge and activism into our pop culture and social lives, inspiring folks who have not been active in the feminist and reproductive rights movements to get on board. A rapid response creative production team made up of comedians, writers, and activists, The League is on call 24/7 producing videos, artistic memes and creating national actions that respond instantly to the breaking news surrounding reproductive rights issues.

Part of LPJL’s mission is to support and raise awareness about independent abortion providers who bear the brunt of anti-abortion legislation and harassment. Several times a year, the League goes on the road to perform comedy shows in a USO format bringing entertainment and love to these clinics and their communities. They also provide elbow grease at the clinics themselves, including anything from bringing lunch to building a fence to planting bushes to block protesters. Understanding that reproductive rights issues vary by race, class, and gender identity, Lady Parts Justice League is committed to diversity by creating content that fosters a multicultural, inclusive experience within the reproductive rights movement.

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