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Lady Parts Justice League’s Clever New Video: “The Abortion Pill: Facts You Can Swallow”


Since there have been reports that anti-choice activists have been seen at various locations around Seattle this week demostrating against a woman’s rights to choose birth control options, we think it’s perfect timing to post this article about LADY PARTS JUSTICE LEAGUE’S new video “The Abortion Pill: Facts You Can Swallow” .

(Also be aware that the anti-choice activists have been co-opting rainbow symbols and branding in an effort to appear pro-gay and thus more liberal. Don’t buy into it…it’s the religious right’s bullshit trying to disguise itself and just part of their never ending quest to control women’s reproductive rights.)

About the new video:


Lady Parts Justice League releases “The Abortion Pill: Facts You Can Swallow” – the fourth video in their provocative series of comedic videos geared toward busting some of the biggest myths and misinformation around abortion. In this video, LPJL sets the record straight and shatters the “mythinformation” around medication abortion, commonly known as the Abortion Pill, brilliantly using the cliches from pharmaceutical ads to make their points.


You know that ubiquitous, creepy voice you hear in every pharmaceutical commercial? That all-knowing voice that advises us on the benefits and complications of taking medications? Well, what if you heard that same generic voice at work or in art class and it was actually interacting with you, dropping real deal facts about the Abortion Pill? In their latest video, LPJL humorously takes us on a fact-packed journey with a young woman from the time she discovers she’s pregnant through her discovery of how easy and safe it is to have a medical abortion. LPJL understands the power women have when we are in charge of making decisions about our reproductive health, and sends that message home when the voiceover declares, “The only risks associated with expanding access to the abortion pill includes, but is not limited to a sharp increase of women taking control of their own destinies, which could cause permanent damage to the current political system.”


Although the procedure is safer than a colonoscopy, the video highlights the unnecessary roadblocks politicians consistently put up to deny access to abortion services. Supported by the bombardment of fake news, fake science, stigma, religious extremists, and politicians who won’t stay out of vaginas, the Abortion Pill is not only demonized, it is increasingly becoming harder and harder to access.


Released the same week that the Graham-Cassidy Bill is up for vote– a savage bill that guts the Affordable Care Act and will potentially leave 32 million people without coverage, Lady Parts Justice League founder, Lizz Winstead, is clear on how important it is for people to not only have facts and access to good healthcare, but to use their voice in resistance to horrific policy that’s clearly not about providing healthcare at all: “In a caring society, healthcare, including abortion, should be accessible to all. This bill is just another example of the extreme lengths politicians will go to deny full humanity to women and all people with uteri.”



Founded in 2015 by Daily Show Co-Creator Lizz Winstead, Lady Parts Justice League infuses humor to talk about reproductive rights while also dropping some knowledge and activism around reproductive rights and abortion into our pop culture and social lives, inspiring folks who have not been active in the feminist and reproductive rights movements to get on board. A rapid response creative production team made up of comedians, writers, and activists, The League is on call 24/7 producing videos, artistic memes and creating national actions that respond instantly to the breaking news surrounding reproductive rights issues.


Part of LPJL’s mission is to support and raise awareness about independent abortion providers who bear the brunt of anti-abortion legislation and harassment. Several times a year, the League goes on the road to perform comedy shows in a USO format bringing entertainment and love to these clinics and their communities. They also provide elbow grease at the clinics themselves, including anything from bringing lunch to building a fence to planting bushes to block protesters. Understanding that reproductive rights issues vary by race, class, and gender identity, Lady Parts Justice League is committed to diversity by creating content that fosters a multicultural, inclusive experience within the reproductive rights movement.

The Video:

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