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March 16, 2016 Comments Off on Seattle Police Department Makes Training Video To Improve Trans Community Relations Views: 2447 News, Queer News, Seattle News, Trans* Issues

Seattle Police Department Makes Training Video To Improve Trans Community Relations


As part of the City of Seattle’s initiative to “develop uniform guidance and trainings for front-line City staff on how to best continue providing safe and inclusive spaces for residents, including transgender and gender-diverse people” as mandated by Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s recently signed Executive Order, the Seattle Police Department has created a training video for its officers and staff to “ensure transgender individuals are treated with dignity and respect during all contacts with police.”

The video was released on March 12, 2016 and was produced by SPD’s Education and Training Section in partnership with members of Seattle’s transgender community including Danni Askini, the Executive Director of Gender Justice League and a recently announced candidate for the 43rd District House seat in the Washington legislature; Vanessa Grandberry, Health Educator for the Center for Multi-Cultural Health; “Mac” Scotty McGregor, Activist and Martial Arts World Champion and others among the community members contributing to the video which instructs police staff on trans issues like pronoun usage and transgender identity and expression.

From the SPD Blotter:

Under SPD policy, officers shall consider a person to be transgender if the person identifies themselves as transgender or, if upon reasonable belief that a person may be transgender. The policy also regulates searches of transgender individuals, ensuring they are provided the opportunity to express preference for the gender of an officer conducting a search. The policy also allows transgender individuals in police custody to request to be transported and housed alone whenever possible.

“We live in a diverse city, and our policies must reflect the communities we serve,” said Chief Kathleen O’Toole. “This policy represents SPD’s commitment to ensuring all people are treated with respect, dignity, and professionalism, and that they feel comfortable and safe. I want to thank our friends in this video for collaborating with us to help educate our department on such an important matter.”

Last week, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced the signing of an Executive Order mandating transgender training for all city departments.

“I applaud the Seattle Police Department for taking this important step to create a safe and inclusive environment for everyone,” said Mayor Ed Murray. “Trainings such as these help our officers better serve the communities they work in. I look forward to other departments developing trainings for their front-line staff, ensuring that their employees have the resources to accommodate the transgender and gender diverse community.”

A majority of SPD employees have completed transgender interaction training. SPD joins several other jurisdictions, including Los Angeles PD, Chicago PD, Atlanta PD, and Boston PD who have enacted transgender interaction policies.

SPD’s police regarding interactions with transgender individuals can be found online here:…

Check out the video:

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