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GSBA’s Annual Cocktail Event Starts NEXT Week For A Fun Week of Boozin’ For A Cause

Photo: Michael Strangeways for Seattle Gay Scene

Photo: Michael Strangeways for Seattle Gay Scene

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, this year’s annual Greater Seattle Business Association (aka, the GSBA) cocktail fundraising event is a bit different. It involves a whole week of boozing it up instead of the usual one night drinking signature cocktails event they usually have.



It’s happening NEXT week (August 27 through the 31st) at five area venues known for their good drinks…though, none of them are actual gay bars, they’re all members of the GSBA. 

How it works is, you go to the establishments, buy and drink the competing cocktail and then rate it. 

Easy peasy…even for people sloshed on fahncy booze. 

Since SVEDKA is mentioned in the PR for this event, we’re guessing vodka of that persuasion will be a featured ingredient…the winning cocktail will be the star of GSBA’s big annual November Gala fundraiser, EQUALUX: TASTE of GSBA.

A bit more info on where to go/what to do!


August 27 – 31, 2018 | Cocktail Contest Week, benefiting the GSBA Scholarship Fund.

Will you help the GSBA Scholarship Fund? Your discerning taste is needed to select the signature SVEDKA cocktail for EQUALUX: TASTE of GSBA during this year’s Cocktail Contest Week!


Visit some of your favorite GSBA member restaurants August 27 – 31, order their scholarship-themed cocktail, and rate the cocktail online. Each participating restaurant will donate a portion of the proceeds of their cocktails to the GSBA Scholarship Fund.


  • Tutta Bella, SLU location, 2200 Westlake
  • Terra Plata,1501 Melrose
  • Witness, 410 Broadway East
  • Barrio, 1420 12th Ave
  • Sugar Hill, 414 East Pine St

GSBA Scholarship Fund Ambassadors will be at each location on Wednesday August 29 from 5:30-7:30pm when our guests judges will be tasting and rating the feature cocktails.

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