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Hulu’s Sexy Gay Asian Film”Fire Island” Drops June 3rd

Matt Rogers, Bowen Yang, and Tomas Matos, “Fire Island”
Photo: Jeong Park

Here’s an underserved community who doesn’t get enough attention…LGBTQ+ Asian Americans. But, a new film from Hulu will help change that a little bit.

It’s FIRE ISLAND, a new romantic comedy written by gay comediain Joel Kim Booster (who was just in Seattle a couple weeks ago) and “inspired by” Jane Austen’s classic Regency romance, “Pride and Prejudice”.

But, this is a very modern and contemporary take on the material centering around ” two best friends who set out to have a legendary week-long summer vacation with the help of cheap rosé and a cadre of eclectic friends.” It’s set in the super sexy gay summer beach resort, Fire Island Pines but we’re guessing it’s a bit more PG-13 than “Boys in the Sand”.

Matt Rogers, Zane Phillips, and Tomas Matos, “Fire Island”
Photo: Jeong Park

The film is directed by Andew Ahn, known for the film “Spa Night” and stars a lot of very sexy gay Asian actors including Joel Kim Booster, SNL’s Bowen Yang and “How To Get Away With Murder” star Conrad Ricamora along with the also very sexy (and out) Matt Rogers, James Scully and Nick Adams. Beloved comedian Margaret Cho also stars in the comedy.

The film was originally created to be a series for Quibi but after that fledgling network kicked the bucket, it was reworked into a film project.

It drops June 3rd, just in time for traditional Pride Month.

Check out all the photos they just released.

James Scully, Nick Adams, and Conrad Ricamora, “Fire Island”
Photo: Jeong Park
Bowen Yang, Tomas Matos, Matt Rogers, Torian Miller, Joel Kim Booster, and Margaret Cho, “Fire Island”
Joel Kim Booster, “Fire Island”
Photo: Jeong Park

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