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Roq La Rue Is Still Scaring Up The Season With “Tiny Ghosts”

“Third Dimension Encounter” by Sarah Detweiler

OK, so Halloween 2022 has wrapped but it’s still the season for spooky doings…I mean, it’s IN THE AIR right now with the delicious moody grey chill of a Seattle autumn! So bracing! So invigorating! So full of…

Tiny Ghosts.

Well, at least at Roq La Rue, the delightful modern art gallery created and curated by Kirsten Anderson at various locations in Seattle but now settled in Seattle’s Madison Valley neighborhood at 2806 East Madison. Kirsten has been showcasing the “lowbrow” art movement since its earliest days but for the new show “Tiny Ghosts” she’s partnered up with Hi-Fructose, the lowbrow art magazine who have curated a show just full of wee little ghostie paintings from some of the top artists from around the world.

If you like eery, strange art this is definitely the show for you. It has works by such modern art stars as Mark Ryden, Tara McPherson, Glenn Barr, Marion Peck and Ryan Heshka.

Mark Ryden

We’re swooning at this line-up.

Bring smelling salts, a fainting couch and an absinthe on the rocks!

The show opens this Friday, November 4th from 6pm to 9pm.

More info:

Ghosts. The word conjures images of spirits, haunted houses, and the afterlife. Historically, artists interpretations of the great unknown have varied widely; whether quaint and comforting, folkloric and narrative, or the bone-chillingly macabre; these visual depictions share a great deal about artists’ beliefs and cultural or regional backgrounds.

With Tiny Ghosts, 40living artists share their interpretations of what the word “ghost” currently evokes in them. The ghost of a chance; the ghost of one’s own past; the ghost of the “before-times”, the ghost of what could be? Hope of better times ahead or nostalgia for what once was?

Andrew Hem / Annie Owens / Andrew Brandou / Ben Ashton / Casey Weldon / Charlie Immer /Christina Bothwell / Clementine Bal / Greg “Craola” Simkins / Dorielle Caimi / Erica Sanada / Erik Mark Sandberg / Esao Andrews / Glenn Barr / Hannah Lee Joshi / Isabel Samaras / Jean Labourdette / Joe Vaux / Josh Ellingson / Justin Lovato /Kate MacDowell / Kris Kuksi / Kristen Liu Wong / KRK Ryden / Marion Peck / Mark Ryden / Martin Wittfooth / Martin Ontiveros / Max Seckel / Molly Devlin / Naoto Hattori /Nathan Reidt / Paola Ciarska / Peter Ferguson / Ryan Heshka / Sam Wolfe Connelly / Sarah Detweiler / Tara McPherson / Tomo77 / Tripper Dungan

“Feral Wraith” by Molly Devlin 

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  1. Brenda Hensley says:

    Please let me know if there are prints available of “Feral Wraith” by Molly Devlin. I fell in love with this magical, ethereal painting and can’t stop thinking about it. To me, it represents all the sweet feral cats as they fade away with no one to love them. PLEASE tell me there are prints! Thank you for you time and trouble.

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