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Secs Fest Returns With Some Queer Films For 2022

The fine erotically inclined folks at the Seattle Erotic Cinema Society have slipped a Viagra to their slumbering film festival as they return to all live screenings this weekend at the Grand Illusion Cinema in the University District, 1403 NE 50TH Street.

Screenings begin Friday, November 4th and run through Sunday, November 6th. And, obviously since these are ADULT movies, you must be 18+ to attend!

Passes and individual tickets available at

As always, the Society has curated films for EVERYONE…check out the full line-up down below for more information on each film/program.

Event Schedule:

6:30 pm PDT – Friday, November 4

NARCISSISM: The Auto Erotic Images (90 min)

In this debut feature film Toni Karat invited 32 border crossers of all kinds to this beautiful untouched attic of 1929 – in order to explore the intimate view in the mirror, accompanied by photo shoots and interviews about gender, narcissism and self-love.

9:00 pm PDT – Friday, November 4

Ex (85 min)

A raw portrayal of Berlin’s uniquely hedonistic culture, Ex joins Diana and a carousel of majestic misfits as they indulge in a night of lust, truths and self destruction in the club “confessional”.

12:00 pm PDT – Saturday, November 5

Captive (95 min)

Anoushka / France / 2021 / 92 min

Plays with DEAR DOCTOR (4 min)

CAPTIVE, Anoushka’s 4th feature film, offers us an intimate narrative, committed and imbued with great gentleness. Shot before the promulgation of the bio ethics law in France, CAPTIVE addresses strong themes such as mourning, PMA for all, and co-parenting.

Camille, a therapist, is in a beautiful relationship with her partner Margot. But Margot’s desire to have a child rekindles a dramatic event from Camille’s past – which she has never shared with Margot. Unsure how to reconcile her past and her present, Camille follows Nina, a captivating new patient of hers, to an artist retreat. Nina is struggling with her own conflict within her dance troupe. Through this shared experience, both Camille and Nina confront their fears and anxieties – forming a catharsis that allows both women to choose their own paths.

CAPTIVE shares with us the doubts and fears of its female characters, alongside them finding their strength to rewrite their stories.

Featuring Misungui, Carmina, Bebe Melkor Kadior, & Rico Simmons

In French with English subtitles.

2:00 pm PDT – Saturday, November 5

Strike a Pose, Short film program (90 min)

A collection of erotic films inspired by the classical art, literature and mythology. Walk through this garden of earthly delights and you may find inspiration from the muses.

5:00 pm PDT – Saturday, November 5

Erotic Genres, Short film program (80 min)

Erotic films come in every genre. In this collection you’ll find comedic parodies, gender fluid science-fiction, a musical, a modern take on 1960s sexploitation, docu-porn, and more. These films will bring laughter and fun and even new perspectives on healing.

9:00 pm PDT, Saturday, November 5

Saturday Night at the Baths (82 min)

Newly restored in 4K, David Buckley’s landmark excursion into bisexuality, 70s relationship politics, and the historical importance of gay bathhouse culture is celebrated in his 1975 film Saturday Night at the Baths.

1:30 pm PST, Sunday, November 6

The Listener (80 min)

The Listener is a Lust Cinema Original, erotic murder mystery set in London. When Nora (Maisy Taylor) moves into a old Victorian house left to her by an unknown Aunt, she can’t believe her luck but it doesn’t take long for things to turn weird.

*4:00 pm PST, Saturday, November 6

Pushing Boundaries, Shorts program (100 min)

Enter into a world of kink, fetish, and BDSM.

7:00 pm PST, Saturday, November 6

Spit and Ashes (92 min)

“Spit and Ashes” is a reimagining of the historical violence waged against women by patriarchal forces in the name of religion, medicine and family.

COVID GUIDELINES at the Grand Illusion Cinema:

  • Masks required for all.  
  • Popcorn, sodas, & candy are back!  
  • If you feel sick, stay home. 
  • We installed filtration capable of removing airborne COVID particles in the auditorium, lobby, and projection booth.
  • Why are we doing this? Our aim is to make seeing movies here safe and comfortable for everyone. In addition, the cinema is operated 100% by volunteers and we are trying to keep them healthy!

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