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It’s Bisexual Awareness Week…Go Hug A Bisexual! And, Vote For One, Too. And, A Special Social Event For The Bi Community!

The LGBTQ Victory Institute wants you to know it’s BISEXUAL AWARENESS WEEK. They also want you to know you should support Bisexual political candidates.

Via Victory Institute:

How are you celebrating bisexual leaders during Bisexual Awareness Week? Consider learning more and helping elect more bisexualpansexual and queer leaders!

According to LGBTQ Victory Institute’s 2021 Out for America report, bisexual elected officials make up only 7.1% of all currently-serving elected officials, while pansexual and queer elected officials make up 1.42% and 7.61%, respectively. While that’s a 37% increase from last year’s report, we still have a long way to go before bisexual people achieve parity among out elected officials.

And with parity comes greater acceptance. While bisexual people still face ostracization inside and outside the LGBTQ community (read up on the biphobic attacks on current candidate Christy Holstege’s campaign last year), the number of young people who identity as bisexual has been rising over the last several years.

AND, there’s a fun event happening on Thursday, September 23rd…the Seattle Pan Bi Alliance is hosting a Bisexual+ Visibility Day Social at Optimism Brewing Company , 1158 Broadway on Capitol Hill between 4pm and 8pm. It’s a great chance for bisexuals, omnisexuals, pansexuals and queer identifying people to meet up. And, since events specifically FOR the bisexual community are as rare as affordable housing in Seattle, TAKE ADVANTAGE and SEIZE the day and support this event!

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