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Gucci Camps It Up With Brilliant Sci Fi Ad

Image: Gucci

Image: Gucci

Bless their genre loving little hearts….the kids over at Gucci, the ultra premium design house which most of us cannot afford but love to drool over (or, make fun of, if you’re an idiot hayseed with no taste or appreciation for high art…) have made this clever and charming little film featuring pieces from Gucci’s F/W 17 collection in an homage to sci-fi television and film from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

I can’t post the video; go HERE to see it!

One comment made on a Facebook thread about this film, I have to steal…some clever puss called it haute couture cosplay”!


Image: Gucci

Image: Gucci

Introducing the Gucci Fall Winter 2017 campaign. Motifs from sci-fi of the 50s and 60s appear in the video alongside a #StarTrek inspiration and the men’s and women’s collections designed by Alessandro Michele.
Director: Glen Luchford
Art Director: Christopher Simmonds
Music: “Space 1999” written by Vic Elms, Barry Gray

That blurb says 50s and 60s but there are 70s elements in there as well. There’s tons of Star Trek references but also bits of all those schlocky old American International sci fi films from the 50s/60s plus imagery evoking “Lost in Space”, “Space: 1999” and “Dr. Who”.

The models aren’t really very good actors but hey…the look good in outfits that probably average around $6k or so.

And, specifically, bless Alessandro Michele’s kooky, hippy, gay nerdy little heart. His out of the world designs have really given staid old boring Gucci a real kick in the trousers.

If I ever win the Lottery, I’m going to hire Alessandro to design the clothes and sets for a campy sci-fi film.

Who wouldn’t want to go see that? So much more fun than another tiresome Star War or Marvel movie…

Image: Gucci

Image: Gucci


Image: Gucci

Image: Gucci

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