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Mark Your Calendars: Dining Out for Life is in one week.

We all like food and we all like eating out and we all like helping out a good cause, so it makes perfect sense to participate in next Thursday’s annual fundraiser, “Dining Out for Life”, proceeds which go to Lifelong AIDS Alliance and specifically for health and nutrition programs for people living with HIV/AIDS. Dozens of area restaurants, cafes, and food emporiums have signed up for the fundraiser and no, not all of them are on Capitol Hill; there are options all over the Seattle Metro area so you don’t have an excuse if you live in Wallingford, or West Seattle, or even the far reaches of Bellevue…most Seattlites should be within a 15 minute drive of at least one place that serves delicious grub… And, it’s happening April 28 and times vary from venue to venue so check the Dining Out for Life website for availability. Here’s a partial list of participating businesses:

Blue Moon Burgers (Fremont and South Lake Union)
Bleu Bistro
Cafe Flora
Cafe Presse
Caffe Vita (Multiple locations)
Charlie’s Bar & Grill
Coastal Kitchen
Dahlia Lounge
DeLuxe Bar & Grill
The Grill on Broadway (aka Broadway Grill)
Judy Fu’s Snappy Dragon
Julia’s on Broadway
King’s Hardware
Le Pichet
Lobby Bar
Mistral Kitchen
Olympia Pizza (on 15th/Capitol Hill)
Po Dog
Ray’s Boathouse
Stumbling Goat
The Tin Table
Tutta Bella (Multiple locations)

Check out the full list HERE and note that many venues are only participating in the program at specific times of the day; some only at lunch, some only at dinner, some both, etc…

AND, Dining Out for Life still needs volunteer “Restaurant Ambassadors” to help out at each venue. If you’d like to donate your time and energy to this great cause, go to the Lifelong/Dining Out website and apply to be a volunteer.

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