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May 9, 2011 Comments (1) Views: 1678 Arts & Entertainment, Drag, Drag O'Tainment

Hmmmm….Who do YOU think is the top Drag performer in Seattle?

The Social, the new mega bar complex that is starting to come together on East Olive Way already has a Facebook page (uh, Alex Garcia one of the co-owners/creators of The Social IS a social marketing guru with his company Banyan Branch…) and to stir up some interest in their page and probably help them find entertainers for their new venue they put up one of those fun/annoying Facebook survey thingies. (Yes, those surveys can be fun, but they’re also a huge time drain and sometimes they’re kind of slow and buggy, but I digress.)

Their surveys asks the simple question:

Who do you think is the top Drag Queen performer in Seattle?

Jinxx Monsoon at Bacon Strip, 5/7/11. Photo: Rachel Robinson.

There’s a list of the Usual Suspects with such veteran performers as Lily Armani, Mark “Mom” Finley, and Aleksa Manila all generating lots of votes but interestingly the number choice BY FAR is a relative newcomer to Seattle’s drag scene who tends to perform at non-traditional drag venues and events at Re-bar, the Seattle Eagle and other hip establishments. Jinxx Monsoon is kicking butt with 98 votes ahead of beloved veteran performer Lily Armani with 45…apparently Miss Jinxxy has LOTS of devoted fans…is she the new heir apparent to Seattle’s drag throne? If she is, it’s an interesting trend. If you notice, most of the top vote getters on that list are performers who frequently perform LIVE (ie sing, not lip sync) and/or have very strong comedic performing chops. The old school “look pretty and lip sync to Mariah Carey” brand of drag, while popular in certain parts of the country, and on RuPaul’s Drag Race, isn’t that big in Seattle. Seattle queens aren’t afraid to look crazy and belt out a song…and, thank the god or goddess of your choice, for that. (Another clue to Ms Monsoon’s rising popularity might be seen in an upcoming issue of The Stranger…like maybe a profile piece…but, you didn’t hear that from ME…)

In other drag news, apparently beloved Seattle entertainer and hostess Glamazonia Jolie-Pitt is no longer hosting Neighbour’s long running 80’s music night, “Rock Lobster”. I tried to get Miss Jolie-Pitt to comment, beyond the slightly enigmatic and bitter remark she posted on her Facebook page, but haven’t had a reply. Rumors circulate that Neighbours was unhappy with attendance at the event, which has been around for a very long time, (uh, since the Eighties?) and decided they needed a new host to spice things up. Well, that’s their decision to make, but they might also consider that maybe the core audience for an Eighties music night is aging out of the “going out to night clubs on a Thursday night” demographic. Perhaps it is time for “Smells Like Teen Spirit: Music of the 90’s!” to replace the Lobster. Or, maybe do some marketing and rebranding to refresh the event…new posters, logos and advertising (hint, hint) certainly couldn’t hurt. Not sure if dumping a popular entertainer is the ideal solution.

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One Response to Hmmmm….Who do YOU think is the top Drag performer in Seattle?

  1. babygotdik says:

    As one who has been in the gay scene since mid-70’s, I tire of Drag queens. It’s old, it’s tired, many times tragic. It’s so trite and stereotypical and it would take a HELL of a LOT MORE to get me drag my butt out on a Thursday night(work night)to a club simply to hear tired sexual innuendo’s, and see a ghastly faux-like female individual hold my attention by lip syncing to the same old songs. Some actually try to appear female and not scary. Many are just pathetic, and way too over weight, hideous or out an out insulting to real females. What many clubs try to promote is NEW, when in fact it’s simply re-treaded routines with a minor tweek. I CHALLENGE the gay community to create a new fresh approach to entertainment, and not the same old dog that makes the mainstream crowd bored or cringe at a dude that looks not very convincingly like a lady. Caked on makeup, synthetic wigs, and large feet rammed into freakish sized heels, and a stuffed bra, most times don’t add to the illusion you are in the presence of a plausible female image.
    I know drag is suppose to be fun, fluff, silliness. But when you already no the punch line after so many years, the allure has long since faded to enduring, not endearing.