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July 9, 2011 Comments Off on Got a dirty doggie? The Sisters will pamper your pooch at “Heavy Petting”… Views: 1273 Community Events, Living, Pets

Got a dirty doggie? The Sisters will pamper your pooch at “Heavy Petting”…

And, hopefully Lisa Dank won’t be lurking in the shrubbery to snatch your Spot, or flee with Fido….

The AWESOME Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Abbey of St. Joan are devoting TODAY, Saturday July 9 to “Heavy Petting” a fundraiser and special event the Pet Project at the “Pillars” Park at the corner of Pike & Boren overlooking the freeway starting at 11am and going until 3pm. The event will raise funds for The Pet Project:

Pet Project, an offshoot of the Pet Food Bank, provides services to individuals disabled with AIDS. Pet Project matches volunteers one on one with clients, handling most of their pet care needs on a monthly basis, and enables clients to keep their pets while spending their limited resources on food and other living expenses for themselves.

Monetary and Animal Food Donations Gladly Accepted!

The Sisters welcome all pooches, puppies, bitches, studs, hounds, fidos, mongrels, ladies, tramps, purebreeds and mutts regardless of canine orientation.

Bring your Poochie by for a bath and deluxe spa treatment…there’ll be doggie treats (human treats, too) and a raffle and the end result is, you help out a great cause AND end up with a clean collie.

Do IT!

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