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July 9, 2011 Comments Off on Help get a movie made! Local filmmaker Chris Diani needs $2600 by midnight Sunday! And, SGS ups the ante with a challenge! Views: 1336 Arts & Entertainment, Film, Film Events

Help get a movie made! Local filmmaker Chris Diani needs $2600 by midnight Sunday! And, SGS ups the ante with a challenge!

Beaver Chris Diani and Ginger Girl Amy at Lezbro last month.

You’ve seen him ALL over town in the last few weeks, either as a bunny, pig or beaver…the dude in the crazy furry suit handing out postcards about some crazy new movie, “Let’s Pretend We’re Bunny Rabbits” and a Kickstarter campaign to raise $12,000 to fund pre-production on the project. Local filmmaker and all around awesome guy Chris Diani, best known for his earlier film, “Creatures from the Pink Lagoon” has been a very busy little beaver! (He also sat down with Les for an interview on SGS-TV…check it out, HERE!)

Well, Chris’s Kickstarter campaign is ending at 11:59pm Sunday night and he still needs $3800 pledged in order to “win” ALL the money. (That’s how Kickstarter works…if you don’t meet your pre-set goal, you get NOTHING!) If just half our daily readers pledged a couple of bucks, Chris could reach his goal and begin his awesome film! AND, you get something for pledging, depending on the amount. Pledges of $25 get exclusive updates, your name in the film’s credits, a signed postcard, a PDF of shooting script), plus a signed DVD copy of the film upon completion. And, the more you pledge, the more you get: at $50 you get all of the above, plus a t-shirt; at $500 you get a whole slew of stuff, plus the option of having a character in the film named after you, or a special luncheon with the cast and crew during filming. Pledge $1000 and you’re an Associate Producer which means you get an IMDB credit! You’d be on the Road to a Career as a Hollywood Producer!

Oh, and what is the film about? Here’s a synopsis:

After a disagreement about money, struggling young playwright Gerry breaks up with his equally penniless artist boyfriend Tom and sets out to find a sugar daddy to support him.  He quickly finds one on a matchmaking website, but doesn’t realize the sugar daddy is a furry – and thinks Gerry is a furry as well.

The plot thickens when Tom chases after Gerry with the help of his best friend, a headstrong lesbian new-age author.  When they arrive at the beachfront hotel where Gerry is meeting his sugar daddy, they realize it’s host to both a massive furry convention and a meet-up of jittery lightning strike survivors.  Fursuits are donned, identities are mistaken, and hilarious complications ensue.

It sounds like it’s gonna be a HOOT!

AND, Seattle Gay Scene is issuing a challenge/additional incentive to help Chris reach his goal…anyone who pledges at least $500 between now and the time the campaign ends on Sunday night, will get a THREE MONTH LONG AD on Seattle Gay Scene for FREE!

(Some restrictions apply: we won’t put up ads deemed inappropriate for the site, or our audience, or illegal obviously. Offer is null and void if, sadly, the project goal is not met). So, if you’re a business owner or promoter and want to help out a local artist, we’ll help YOU out with a free ad! AND, if you pledge at least $1000, we’ll double that to SIX MONTHS). Just make your pledge, then send us proof that you made it and we’ll work with you to create your ad. Go to Chris’s Kickstarter page NOW!

Do IT!

UPDATE: $1000 raised Saturday afternoon! Only $2600 more to go!!!!

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