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July 6, 2011 Comments Off on Stuff To Do. Check out some HAWT music at The Comet…yes, The Comet! Views: 1192 Music, Stuff to Do

Stuff To Do. Check out some HAWT music at The Comet…yes, The Comet!

Many LGBTQ people walk past The Comet at 10th & Pike and pay it little attention…it has a reputation as a “straight” only hangout, a bit rough on the edges and while not gay UNfriendly, it just doesn’t register on the radar for a lot of queer identified people.

BUT, music loving queer folk know that The Comet, grungy though it may be, is a haven for fans of indie rock/punk/pop bands both locally and regionally. Not to mention the fact, The Comet could give a rats ass about your sexual orientation and frequently host bands with LGBTQ members and content as well as events like Jackie Hell’s Snackhole (BTW, there’s a new Snackhole coming up on July 28 with guests, Noddy).

Tonight, you can check out several zexy local bands that have a queer bent to them. The lovely ladies of Eighteen Individual Eyes will be headlining with the San Francisco based The Bruises along with Seattle’s own Debutante Year. The music starts at 9pm at The Comet and if you really adore the music of “Eyes” and The Bruises, you can follow them to Portland and the Bay Area on their “Black Eye Tour”.

Check it out.

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