Things got wiggy at Velocity Dance Center’s “Strictly Seattle”.

The end is nigh…Tickets for the Seven Deadly Sins...

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No one survived Jackie Hell’s and Snackhole’s “Beauty Pageant Massacre” at The Comet…No One.

We're guessing Miss Magnolia Crawford committed blasphemy with that cross... Photo: Rachel Robinson.

Our girlfriend Jackie Hell just does NOT take any prisoners when she does a show…our Bee-atch Friend just pulls out ALL the stops. There is nothing sacred about a Jackie Hell show, but, it IS divine…in the Hellish sense of the word.

Ms Hell and Friends brought us another edition of her semi-regular “Snackhole” show back to The Comet on Thursday night…this installment’s Theme du Terror: “Beauty Pageant Massacre”. On hand to compete were her cohorts in horror: Amoania Ammoania, Magnolia Crawford and Kent’s favorite Trailer Trash Queen, Honey Bucket. Oh, and NODDY provided some live musical back up. A terrifying good time was had by all.

The lovely Rachel Robinson provides the photographic proof that this delicious travesty actually occurred. Blame her for your delightful nightmares.

You don’t see photos like this at the SGN…I think Jackie and the “freaky-deaky”, alternative punk drag/performance art scene scares the crap out of them…


If Sylvia is the "Hostess with the Mostess" then Jackie is...? The "Hostess Most Likely to Commit a Felony On Stage"? Photo: Rachel Robinson.

Miss Honey can take the Girl out of Kent, but you can't take the Two Piece & a Biscuit away from the Girl from Kent... Photo: Rachel Robinson.

So very many terrifying images in this many. Photo: Rachel Robinson.

Apparently Stella Rose St Clair is incapable of taking a bad picture..she also looks does Nark. Photo: Rachel Robinson.

Poor Jackie. Her battle with Food predates the birth of Cher...that's a LOOOONG time. Photo: Rachel Robinson.

Another Photogenic Princess: the vivacious Amoania Ammoania. Photo: Rachel Robinson.

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