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Check out L.A. Kendall’s adorable interview with two gorgeous brilliant hunks…

The lovely Kendall requested an interview with…Mr. Strangeways and Mr. Sterling of this alleged website recently and the results are up over on her funkaliciously entertaining blog, “The Eyes of Laura Kendall”. I’ve stolen about a quarter of the interview to post here but you should totally click over to her site to check out the whole enchilada…it’s meaty and juicy and packed full of beans!

Messrs. Strangeways and Sterling - Photo Credit: Shauna Hargrove. Stylist: Morgan Dusatko. Location Courtesy of Pony.

Oh, and the very lovely photographs are from a photo shoot we did with the amazing Shauna Hargrove…much thanks to her and her “personal assistant” Morgan Dusatko….oh, and the generous folks at Pony for providing the location! We love’em all!

Here’s a sneak peak at part of the interview:

LAK: Personally, I think the Seattle Gay Scene is pretty responsible about covering a diverse cross section of Topics & Happenings throughout the Northwest. Bill W was super on top of this in the beginning, and you guys have continued. Is this something you guys strive for, or is this happening naturally?

LS: Oh god, yes! I have to confess, I did get spoiled in Chicago, culturally. I think there was an open studio, experimental theatre or gallery event every night there.

But, after living here a few years, I had become rather exhausted by (what seemed to be) a lack of art, events, theatre, happenings that were outside the mainstream. It turns out, that the mainstream was really all that was getting attention in the other media outlets. I’m so glad Bill came along when he did – the calendar has become invaluable. Honestly, that was why I was so keen to get involved. Seattle Gay Scene was where I could find out about stuff that wasn’t mentioned elsewhere. Of course, we can’t talk about it if we don’t know about it – so hopefully people continue to advertise their stuff on the site, and keep us posted so we can share it with the world.

MS: We try to mix it up and I seriously try to include events that are not specifically designed for LGBTQ audiences. I want to talk about stuff that’s not 100% queer. There are many gay people who like Nirvana, and Sci Fi Conventions, and Monster Truck Rallies, and Mexican Wrestling…it shouldn’t JUST be about Glee, drag queens, muscle bears and Lady Gaga. And, yeah, it’s something I strive for AND something that just happens naturally to reflect our own personal interests. Queer life doesn’t only revolve around queer things. We’re very, very diverse just like everyone else.


LAK: This year, we’ve seen Seattle Gay Scene start to host parties. Can we anticipate more of this in the future?

LS: I hope so! We’re not really in the party production business, but they are an awful lot of fun aren’t they? I like being able to showcase talent of all kinds! I’d love to do some art showings, movie nights, or micro-film festivals. Isn’t it about time we had a small festival devoted to the early experimental queer filmmakers? I can see it “Early Homo-Erotic Experimental Works” and a screening of The Killing of Sister George for the lesbians :).

MS: Yup. We’re doing some co-sponsoring things in the fall, and we hope to do some more party/theater/performance/fundraiser events next year, to be determined and announced.

LAK: David and I have been guests on your podcast, and we’ve had a great time! When did you guys start the podcast, and what were your intentions behind it?

LS: For about 5 years, I’ve loved the podcasts I’ve found online, but it’s taken this long for it to come into its own as a medium. When I got involved with SGS, I was looking for a cool way to do a weekly roundup of some sort, and have another outlet to bring voices out to the world. Michael and I can talk all day long, but we also wanted to have folks out in the community come in and share their perspectives and thoughts on what was happening out there. Then adding the video/SGS-TV component was just a visual extension of that experience. I read a lot and listen to several podcasts, but at my heart, I’m a visual artist and tech geek – I love media of all stripes and I don’t think I’m alone in that. We want to offer a multimedia experience to satisfy many tastes, not just the written word.

MS: We started the podcast this last spring. The podcast is just another way to get info out there…and, it’s fun to do. Also, we’ve added SGS-TV and plan on doing a lot more video in the future as well…some of it to be announced shortly. AND, we LOVE having you guys. You’re fun guests! You have OPINIONS and you’re not afraid to share them with the world. AWESOME!

LAK: What are your goals for Seattle Gay Scene looking forward?

LS: I think for me, creatively, expanding the multimedia offering is what I’d love to see more of. I want more original photo, audio and video content out there, as well as content from contributors. I want to see what the Queer experimenters are doing. I want to see work without boundaries. I want us to be able to continue to inform and entertain using any medium possible – we just need to hear from the creatives out there. It would be easy to promote myself and my own work, but I want to see the broad selection of work out there. I think the creatives in Seattle who are doing really awesome things tend to be too shy about talking about themselves – I’d love to help cure them of that shyness.

MS: Bigger. More content. Better content. Different content. More video and podcasts. Full media domination. (not really kidding there.) More ads. Bigger community presence. Reach out to other cool artists and business people to work together and help each other out. Continue to promote deserving new talent. Financial viability. Hot, otter boys as our personal assistants. Fighting the good fight against the Daleks and the Borg. The works, baby!

Photo Credit: Shauna Hargrove. Stylist: Morgan Dusatko. Location: Pony. Butts: Unknown Porn Stars of Yesteryear.

MUCH more over at “The Eyes of Laura Kendall”!

Check it out!

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