Sunday is crazy at SLGFF…check out the Video Promo...

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October 16, 2011 Comments Off on Monday is “Ozzie” Day at SLGFF…check out today’s Video Promo…it has funny (bad) accents. Views: 1258 Arts & Entertainment, Film, Media, Seattle Lesbian Gay Film Festival, SGS-TV Land, Videos

Monday is “Ozzie” Day at SLGFF…check out today’s Video Promo…it has funny (bad) accents.

We love this poster.

Monday, October 17 has the fewest number of screenings at the 16th Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, with 5 screenings divided between the Egyptian and Northwest Film Forum, but oddly enough, it’s the longest Video Promo produced at six minutes and change..but, it’s well worth watching because if you thought the chemistry between Mr. Bacon and Mr. Strangeways was electrifying in the Promo for Saturday, wait until you feel the dynamic tension between today’s hosts, Programming Director Jason Plourde and the return of Mr. Strangeways…it’s the biggest and best screen combination since Ethel and Fred Mertz!

I do the “comedy” schtick while Jason fills us in on ALL five of today’s programs including the “Funny Girls” and “Saucy Aussies” shorts programs; the very funny “Hannah & The Hasbian”; the moving drama “Morgan” which is a brand new film that just completed production, and the documentary “(A)Sexual” about the asexual community. Five great options for Monday…

Plus, a video of me doing bad Australian accents…priceless.

October 17 – SLGFF Daily Preview! from on Vimeo.

OH, and once again, thanks to Northwest Film Forum for providing the location…check them out year round for all their great films and film programs AND especially look out for their screening of the classic film, D.W. Griffith’s masterpiece “Intolerance” which screens NEXT Tuesday, October 25.

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