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November 15, 2011 Comments Off on Mr. Savage gets glitterbombed for the THIRD time. Views: 1258 Media Beat

Mr. Savage gets glitterbombed for the THIRD time.

Yes, THIRD time. (More on that in a moment.) The media have reported on two of the events involving the glitterbombing of columnist/LGBTQ advocate/muckraker/It Gets Better Project co-founder Dan Savage; the first one in Oregon a few weeks back and more recently at the University of California-Irvine last Monday. Both “attacks” were on behalf of the trans community protesting Dan’s perceived prejudice against said community; however, both attacks were conducted by NON-trans people (and obviously done for the publicity). The rather humorless LGBTQ political website Bilerico Projectposted a piece attacking Savage for his alleged bigotry against the trans community and Dan responded on The Stranger’s Slog refuting some of the charges leveled against him….which naturally has led to 120+ comments, the best one being Stranger columnist Adrian Ryan’s contribution: “#occupysavagesglitteryass”

Yes, yes…Dan is a big mouth and non PC and a rabble rouser and a smart ass and….uh, isn’t that his job? I mean, his original advice column was called “Hey Faggot!” It’s odd that some folks adore him when he goes after people/groups THEY don’t like, but get fussy if he pokes fun at THEM…that’s the way smart assery works, kids. And, when it boils down to the semantics of perceived non politically correct words, all I have to say is: “Bitch, please!” Mr. Savage was called out in this last instance for using the terms “she male” and “freaky tranny porn” and in both instances he was reading from a question submitted by a trans student who originally used those terms.

And, really…why are you getting your panties in an uproar over WORDS used by OTHER queer people. Neither word, “she male” or “tranny” is especially heinous and they’ve been used for decades by queer people, especially drag queens. Since the glitterbombings on Mr. Savage I’ve been waiting for similar attacks on RuPaul and Heklina but I haven’t noticed anything in the news about any such attacks so I’m left to surmise that there’s a dispensation for the queens…that, or trans activists are too scared of the retaliation by a unified queen community…it could get ugly: The Tranny/Queen Wars of 2011.

And, no one uses “she male” to identify anyone or anything other than sex workers or porn. When are the glitterbombers going after the she male hookers in the back of The Stranger or the many porn video companies who make and sell she male porn? And, isn’t “she male” a better word than the revolting term, “chicks with dicks”?

Yes, Dan is a motor mouth. At some point, he’s pissed off everyone…straights, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans people, fat people, hairy people, smokers, anyone named Santorum and Lindy West.¬†Good for him. And, at least once a month he says/writes something that makes me grit my teeth, but, once again, repeating the obvious, that IS his JOB!

Oh, and that THIRD glitterbombing I referred to? (which was actually the second one, in the progression) Earlier this month I attended the first screening of The Stranger’s HUMP! Film Festival at On The Boards and Dan was the host. After the screening ended, I walked up to Dan and mimed a glitter bomb explosion in his face…he looked confused, (who wouldn’t?) and I told him, “That was on behalf of all the fat, hairy, gay smokers of the world…” Since then, not a peep from him maligning the fat, hairy gay smokers community. Maybe glitterbombing DOES work?!?!?!

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