Some Lovely Photos: Undergrad at Neighbours with DJ’s Skiddle,...

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December 10, 2011 Comments Off on Some Lovely Photos: Horror Fantasies, Burr-lesque Landscapes and “The Circus” Adventure Views: 1300 Nightlife, Some Lovely Photos

Some Lovely Photos: Horror Fantasies, Burr-lesque Landscapes and “The Circus” Adventure

New Queer on the Block with Gams Galore and the night is only starting - the night is still young and fabulous, just like us. Photo Credit: B.Michael Peterson

The paparazzi department here at Seattle Gay Scene dipped their feet and hands on the dirtiest cameras and places to bring you another installment of Some Lovely Photos. Stepping out on the scene is our “New Queer on the Block” and along our way we stepped in the compound commonly known as Pony for Dustin Curtis’s “Horror Show Extravaganza”. Afterwards we reached out to the reception and after-party for the Blitz! Capitol Hill Art Walk at The Woods, then the final destination was not unknown to anyone who occupies the Hill on a regular basis: ElektroPOP at The Baltic Room.

Arden Turnbull was not the only guy on the floor that got creamed by DJ PBear's "Get Me Off Shiny Disco Drugs" remix among many other hot remixes of the night. Photo credit: B.Michael Peterson

Joining us throughout the night were the queens from the House of Le Faux, with the entire cast including their new Host, Jinkx Monsoon. But there is something missing from this photo…where is Mama Tits? “Excuse me sir, have you seen an enormous pink wig flying about?” How can you not find a drag queen with that pile of pink hair?

Jinkx Monsoon, Jaxen Brown, Ursula Majors, Aleksa Manila, and Anita Goodman. It's not a complete night until you get your paparazzi snapshot! Photo Credit: B.Michael Peterson

DJ PBear with Ursula Majors just outside the DJ's booth. Paw's Up! Photo Credit: B.Michael Peterson

Miss Kitty Baby gave us boys quite a show - at least the women and the bisexuals got an eyeful. Photo Credit: B.Michael Peterson

While we were getting the “Burrlesque” performance of our lives – Dustin Curtis was¬†celebrating his Birthday of Horror over at Pony…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUSTIN CURTIS! In the background is Amy LaBree Ferrell getting some pre-party business taken care of. Photo Credit: B.Michael Peterson

Bringing out the queer-dom and the circus of horror creatures alive at Pony. Here we have the product: Chanel married Lady Gaga. Photo Credit: B.Michael Peterson

DJ LA Kendall and Amy LaBree Ferrell seal a mistletoe kiss at Pony. Photo Credit: B.Michael Peterson

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