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This week’s adjective: DULL!

When I first started my recaps of NBC’s “Smash” I felt the word that best described the show was potential.  The Pilot episode had a lot of potential, two fledgling stars that could sign, lots of scenes on the process of how a Broadway show is pulled together, and of course Ms. Anjelica Huston (Eileen) working to get that money!

Sadly, the adjective that can now best describe “Smash” is dull; which the internets define as: lacking interest or excitement.  Dull describes episode 103, “Enter Mr. DiMaggio,” in which the cast continues the tropes and clichés introduced next week and the producers/creative team cast Joe DiMaggio.  We get more scenes of Ivy banging Derek.  Ivy wonders if Derek gave her the role because she is slut, duh Ivy duuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh!  Eileen hawks some jewelry to, we assume, help finance her workshop for “Marilyn: The Musical.”  Karen is meeting with Derek to discuss casting her in the ensemble and Karen’s BF Dev, still wearing a shirt, crashes and engages in a British-style pissing contest with Derek which had something to do with pronouncing the letter “O.”  Ellis, Tom’s assistant, and Julia get into another fight.  Ellis steals Julia’s notebook to snoop, way to go Ellis you bitch.  We find out Ellis is straight (sure he is).  Eileen has trouble raising money and throws more drinks in her a-hole soon to be ex-husband’s face.  They cast Joe DiMaggio with an actor that used to bang Julia, ESCANDALO!  This character, Mike Swift, is currently starring in some Bruno Mar’s show (really Bruno Mars), and likes how Julia smells.  He is played by Will Chase, a Broadway mainstay.  Karen, like the good Iowa girl she is, goes home for a baby shower, agonizes over Dev’s offer to support her, sings some uninspired Karaoke, and gets a check from her father.  Ellis overhears Julia talking to Tom about her affair with Mike and grins in what we assume is his “I’m going to blackmail Julia, but I am so cute I look more mincing than sinister” grin.  This week’s episode ends with a number between Ivy and Mike singing “Mr. And Mrs. Smith,” the only musical number worth mentioning this week.  The actor’s voices work well together and the tune is lovely.

Basically this week was full of tired theater clichés.  Let’s hope the producers of this show spice things up next week otherwise this show might flop harder than “Taboo.”

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