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L.A. Drag Superstar Detox Icunt in town for “Morning Glory Drag Brunch”

Live From Delridge: It's DETOX ICUNT!!!!

Seattle’s own Magnolia Crawford has been hosting her monthly drag brunch, Morning Glory, over in the Delridge ‘hood in West Seattle at the Skylark for the last few months on the second Saturday of the month from Noon to 2pm. (Which would technically make it lunch, wouldn’t it?) Ms Crawford is back for April at the ‘lark with an exciting line up of talent on hand including comedian Jeffrey Robert and local gals Honey Bucket (the filthy ‘ho from Kent and a Bacon Strip star) and The Lady Epiphany. BUT, Magnolia has also imported some big name talent for this month’s show…jetting up from Los Angeles are superstars Kristie Champagne and the infamous Detox Icunt.

These ladies are BIG names in WeHo and Detox also co-stars in “RuPaul’s Drag Race” star Willam’s last video, the lovely ode to all things Chick-fil-a. She’s also been a rumored about possible contestant for “Drag Race” for YEARS…the girl’s got quite a following in drag circles in Southern California…maybe that FILTHY drag name is holding her back from mainstream TV stardom? Who knows? And, we’re not sure why Detox and Ms Champagne are flying all the way up to Seattle for a relatively small daytime show, but we’re guessing that they and Magnolia might go way back…or, do Detox and Kristie have some sort of Seattle connection we’re not aware of? Fill us in!

The show is only $10 and you can buy advance tickets at BrownPaper tickets to make sure you have preferred seating. And,  note: the Skylark is AWESOME but it’s weird to get there; it’s the first exit as you cross over the West Seattle Bridge and it’s VERY sudden so be cautious or you’ll miss the turn off and end up IN West Seattle proper and will have to double back! Trust me, I’ve done it on more than one occasion…you don’t want to be wandering around lost down by the docks…CREEPY TOWN!

Check it OUT!

 ADDED NOTE: BrownPaper Tickets says it’s sold out of advance tickets. We’re not sure if they have tickets still available at the door. You might check the Facebook invite HERE.

ALSO, wish Magnolia a Happy Birthday! It’s TODAY (Friday the 13th!) 

Champagne Wishes and Vodka Dreams!

NEW UPDATE!!! It’s Standing Room ONLY for Saturday’s Brunch!!!

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