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Podcast! The Boy Who Saved the Grill…

Okay, fair warning. This episode of the podcast is hella long. As in, almost two hours long. It’s absurd, I know – this might be an episode to listen to in two parts.

BUT! We got to sit down with the adorable Matthew Walsh, owner of THE GRILL ON BROADWAY. Now, before we start getting cunty emails, yes, The Grill is an advertiser. But it was through this business relationship that we befriended Matthew and his fiancee CJ and realized how much they’re exactly the kind of folks we like and will always champion – whether they buy and ad or not: gutsy innovators with a passion for community and a hunger for progress.

Matthew Walsh - dragging the Grill into the 21st Century... Photo by Shalini Gujavarty

Now, in this extra, double-wide episode we get REALLY REALLY nerdy about a lot of stuff, not the least of which is Food – something that Matthew and I are incredibly passionate about. Mr. Strangeways is also passionate about food, but his is more on the demand side, moreso than the supply side!

We cover the history and evolution of The Grill on Broadway, the unfortunate credit card scandal that rocked Capitol Hill in 2010 that some other local blogs got very wrong in their reportage. We talk about about the pit of mediocrity that traps many local businesses, and the two-year evolution that Matthew has taken to bring the Grill back to the top of its game: from updating the menu to adding a stage and some of the best entertainment possible.

Listen for a few shout-outs to a few of our favorites, including Mama Tits, The Lady Dudes.

And seriously, CJ, let the man have chickens, already…



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This episode brought to you, in part, by the HIV Vaccine Trials, and Fred Hutchinson and Seattle Out and Proud.

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