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August 27, 2012 Comments Off on WA State Catholic Bishops Enter Marriage Equality Fight, On The Wrong Side. Views: 1267 Living, Marriage Equality, News

WA State Catholic Bishops Enter Marriage Equality Fight, On The Wrong Side.

Our friends over at SLOG are reporting that the Catholic Bishop and Hypocrital Douche, Joseph J. Tyson, has issued a directive to Catholic parish priests to immeidately beging raising funds for the anti-marriage equality campaign in Washington.

From SLOG:

From the pulpit, Catholic priests in Washington State must ask parishioners in the pews next month to stuff specially made campaign envelopes with their cash, and then church staff will mail the haul to a PAC trying to overturn same-sex marriage on the fall ballot.

That’s the decree of Joseph J. Tyson, the bishop in Yakima, Washington, who says the clergy must ask Catholics for a give a “generous donation” to the campaign trying to reject Referendum 74.

And if that wasn’t enough Bishop DBag had the gall to also issue this statement:

His letter explains: “The Church does not engage in partisan politics, but it has an obligation to teach about moral values of the issues facing society.”

Raising funds for a political campaign is the defintition of partisanship. And the fact that any Catholic Bishop can claim moral authority in light of the sexual abuse scandals is laughable.

We can also expect that parishes around the country will be asked to donate to the wrong side of this fight.

How can right thining indivduals combat this you ask. Well, you can give big (as big as your means allow) and often to the pro-Marriage Equality camp. You can also approach any Catholic friends you have and ask them to do the right thing and resist the message of hate that their leadership is preaching. Ask them to support equal rights with their vote and to NOT donate to the anti-marriage equality fight.

Get out there and fight, this is our election to lose.

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