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September 24, 2012 Comments Off on Farewell To “Ricochet” And Hello “David Lynch Collide-O-Scope” Views: 1163 Stuff to Do

Farewell To “Ricochet” And Hello “David Lynch Collide-O-Scope”

Monday’s seem to be improving in Seattle…there’s frequently more options than a night of Karaoke!

For this Monday, there’s two things we recommend…the lovely fellows at  Collide-O-Scope have whipped up another fabulous night of fractured videos all edited together in a crazy fashion for your enjoyment at Re-bar, complete with Pop Corn and Twizzlers. This month’s theme is DAVID LYNCH the beloved film auteur responsible for such insane works of art as “Eraserhead”, “Dune”, “Twin Peaks” and “Blue Velvet”. The madness is from 7pm to 10pm. Here’s more info including word that early birds could get some DAMN FINE CHERRY PIE!!!!!

That chewing gum you like is coming back in style! So won’t you please join us at Re-bar Monday September 24th for the DAVID LYNCH EDITION. A journey through the works of David Lynch. There will also be LIVE ENTERTAINMENT! FREE POPCORN & REDVINES! DRINK SPECIALS! INCLUDING The best damn cup of coffee Re-bar can provide! BACON FLAVORED POPCORN! by BACON STRIP! THE FIRST Saturday every month! AND FREE CHERRY PIE (FOR THE FIRST 25 guests or until we run out) FREE PRIZE DRAWINGS! GET something amazing! The Owls are not what they seem! only $6 (CHEAP) Video starts at 7 and main show start around 8!

Meanwhile, up the Hill at The Grill on Broadway, it’s a bittersweet good bye to the arty farty monthly showcase for some of Seattle’s best arty farty performance artistes. Creator/Curator/Actor/Producer Devin Bannon is wrapping his “Ricochet” cabaret/salon with a final gig tonight from 7:30pm to 9:30pm involving all sorts of terrifically talented young folks:

Join us in celebrating the FINAL Ricochet Recital. Yes, it’s true… Ricochet has been such a success, we’ve reached the point in which we’re simply too large to have a monthly recital (Don’t worry – bigger events are on the horizon!) so for now, RICOCHET MUST DIE!

But in true Ricochet style, we must go out with a BANG!

And we have the fantastic lineup of performers paying tribute…

  • Graham Klym
  • Grant Valdes
  • Intisaar Jubran
  • John Coons
  • Jedadiah Bernards
  • Garrett Vance
  • Leigh Stone
  • Adé A Cônnère
  • …and YOURS TRULY!

BUT! I want to celebrate the year we’ve shared with you, raising thousands of dollars for wonderful local non-profit arts groups, and putting on 10 (this will be the 11th) amazing concerts. I want to celebrate all the wonderful magic you support YOU have brought to the recitals as well, making it all happen, so it will mean more than ever to me to see you there!

This recital will be raising money for the Washington Ensemble Theatre’s next show The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls, by Meg Miroshnik, directed by Ali el-Gasseir, opening the following Friday, September 28th.

As this is a time of mourning, the theme will of course be “FUNERAL CHIC”. Please pay proper respect and dress all in black.



So farewell to Ricochet and kudos to Devin for putting it all together in the first place!

Hopefully, Devin will bring it back some day with Pierre Fitch and an all nude male format!

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